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Are Demand Charges The Next Big Thing In Residential Electricity Rates? - CleanTechnica
Consumer technology is going to exist indefinitely, perhaps for as long as the human species exists. At CleanTechnica, we try to feature consumer technologies that help to reduce global warming pollution and other types of pollution. For example: electric cars, solar panels, bikes, energy efficient appliances and electronics, and green smartphone apps. Keep an eye on this category for all sorts of fun and cool, helpful consumer technology. Demand charges for commercial and industrial customers have long been a part of the electric industry. Since utilities need to build infrastructure to meet both instantaneous and long-term requirements, the utility bill contains both an energy charge, which measures the amount of electricity a customer uses over time, and a demand charge, which... However, residential customers are rarely subject to a bill with a demand charge. This is because, until recently, residential electricity loads were pretty much the same from one customer to the next. We all (more or less) woke up, took a shower, went to work, came home, turned on the lights, cooked dinner, watched TV, did a load of laundry, went to bed. With each customer in the residential class looking an awful lot like the next, utilities and regulators could lump energy and demand elements together into one $/kWh price. All residential customers are not the same. We now have access to LED lights, smart thermostats, plug-in electric vehicles, rooftop solar, demand-flexible water heaters, battery energy storage, and myriad other technologies that make our respective loads and our consumption patterns... Critically, it is now inexpensive to meter these differences, including time of use and the magnitude of the demand. Separating out demand charges may be a good way to promote more fairer cost allocation among ratepayers, while also motivating customers to reduce strain on the system. More than a dozen utility companies across the country have implemented or are currently considering residential demand charges. WHAT IS A DEMAND CHARGE. A demand charge is based on the maximum amount of energy a customer uses at any one instance over the course of a billing cycle.


Modern Dental Assisting
Modern Dental Assisting
Published by Elsevier Health Sciences 2013
ISBN 9780323290883,0323290884
1216 pages
Prepare for a successful career as a dental assistant! Modern Dental Assisting is the leading text in dental assisting -- the most trusted, the most comprehensive, and the most current. Using an easy-to-understand approach, this resource offers a complete foundation in the basic and advanced clinical skills you must master to achieve clinical competency. It describes dental assisting procedures with photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions. Written by Doni Bird and Debbie Robinson, two well-known and well-respected dental assisting educators. Comprehensive coverage takes students through a dental assisting program from start to finish. A highly approachable writing style presents the latest information and procedures in a way that ensures students can easily grasp and learn to apply the material. Concise chapters presented within short parts move from profession basics and sciences to infection control, safety, clinical dentistry, radiography, materials, specialty dental practice, and dental office administration. Superb, full-color illustrations and photographs show procedures, equipment, and instruments. Illustrated, step-by-step procedures show the skills that dental assistants must master, detailing for each the goal, equipment and supplies needed, chronological steps, and rationales. Expanded Functions procedures boxes describe special dental assisting procedures allowed only in certain states. Procedure icons alert students to issues relating to core procedures, e.g., that they should make notes in the patient's record, don personal protective equipment, or watch for moisture contamination. Key terms are accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, highlighted within the text, and defined in boxes on the same or facing page. Critical thinking questions end each chapter with mini-case scenarios and application-style questions. Learning and performance outcomes in each chapter set goals for what students will accomplish and also serve as checkpoints for comprehension, skills mastery, and study tools for exam preparation. Summary tables and boxes make it easy to review key concepts and procedures. Recall boxes appear after sections of text and include questions to ensure that students understand the material. CDC boxes cite the latest recommendations for infection control and summarize regulations. Eye to the Future boxes introduce cutting-edge research, future trends, and topics. Legal and Ethical Implications boxes focus on the behaviors that dental assistants will need to practice to protect themselves, their patients, and the practices for which they work. Patient Education boxes summarize content within the context of patient education take-away points. A glossary provides a quick and handy way to look up terminology, with chapter references indicating where terms are introduced and discussed within chapters.
If you have a central air conditioning condenser problem, check the simple stuff first. Central air conditioning problems well occur as it ages. Here we provide the opportunity to read and write problems. Air-conditioning compressors are a mystery. ... (This is not an electrical problem). Compressor (reciprocating) is going off on internal relief: ... Top supplier of air compressors, air compressor parts, air dryers, nitrogren generators, and process liquid chillers. Sales, service, and installations are supported ...
1977-1987 Corvette Air Conditioner Compressor Cover Chrome

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This 7.5" diameter chrome compressor cover slips over all R4 compressors and is held in place with 2 screws included. Size: N/A
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Advanced 3-in-1 compressed air dryer system features modes for pre-refrigeration, evaporation, and air and moisture separation to remove up to 90% of the moisture from your compressed air lines. When you prevent too much moisture in compressed air, you can avoid problems like corrosion of equipment and freezing of outdoor compressor air lines.

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Friedrich Air Conditioners - Kuhl Series

They might choose to run their central system at the very minimal power usage, mainly to prevent overheating problems ... ideal air flow. Designed with added features to perfect the motor mount and rubber mounts for the high efficiency compressors are ...

HVAC Zoning Provides Effective Comfort Solutions

With the notably hot climate in Texas, the summer months are long and use the bulk of the HVAC energy load. Church leaders solved this problem by installing a Web Comfort wireless platform, which enables the team to save energy and money by controlling 

Are Demand Charges The Next Big Thing In Residential Electricity Rates?

The above chart shows two similar customers each with rooftop solar, air conditioning, and a pool pump. The blue line shows one . The real problem is that TOU is fixed by the PUC and cannot follow the actual demands and wholesale costs. What is

Ultra-Fast 'Hyperloop' Train Gets Test Track in California

The tubes also have to maintain low-pressure air. "The problem with traveling in an evacuated tube is, if you lose the vacuum in the tube, everybody in the tube will crash," Powell said. In addition, the vehicle's compressor — which produces the air ...

Physical Gas Bounds Higher as Futures Hold On

The problem is, with milder weather ... Behind a well-defined cold front, this colder air is forecast to spread further to the south and east, with temperatures staying below their normal highs across much of the central U.S. and Midwest on Tuesday."

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