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Retired Marine Warns Dynamite Fishers: We'll be Watching You - Manila Channel
20 Fisherfolk Trained as Bantay Dagat Volunteers in Ilocos Norte. Armando Pante, ‘Sarge’ to his troops, saw 21 years of action with the Philippine Marines. He survived the battle for Camp Abubakar in 2000 and won four medals before retiring in 2002. “I returned to my hometown of Pasuquin in Ilocos Norte to live my days in peace. Last week, the retired Marine Corps Sergeant vowed to fight a new war – this time, to protect the seas of Ilocos Norte from illegal fishers. On 23 January, Pante and 19 other fishermen from the town of Pasuquin were deputized as Bantay Dagat or fish wardens – volunteers who patrol and protect Philippine waters. The famed Bantay Dagat system began in the 1970s, augmenting government capacity to protect coasts. “Members are drawn from local fisherfolk who undergo three days of standardized training. Upon graduation, they are issued ID cards sanctioned by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the local municipality, giving them a three-year window of authority to enforce the Fisheries Code when operating in their respective... Dynamite or blast fishing, which became rampant in the Philippines after the Second World War, is a highly destructive means of collecting fish. Powdered Ammonium Nitrate, kerosene and small pebbles are packed inside a glass bottle and covered with a blasting cap. New designs integrate long metal rods which absorb sound and act as sinkers. The blast’s shockwave, which travels at about 1500 meters per second (the length of 15 football fields), kills or maims fish – sometimes liquefying their internal organs. Aboard boats or diving using hookah air compressors, collectors scoop scores of dead and dying fish. Obscured by wafting clouds of silt are the blasted remains of corals. Section 88 of Republic Act 8550 or the Fisheries Code of 1998 prohibits dynamite or blast fishing. Even so, many Filipino fishers – driven perhaps by poverty – still use homemade bombs. A 1999 study by Rupert Sievert estimated that 70,000 fishers use the dangerous contraptions. Many are missing limbs due to accidents. “Better enforcement has proven to be an effective deterrent for.
DIY Home made Hookah diving compressor system and boat

Shortly how I, with my best mate, done boat trailer rebuild and made my hookah diving compressor system. For comments plz enable subtitles. Thx for watching....


Adventures in the Wild
Adventures in the Wild
Published by University of Arkansas Press 2012
ISBN 1610750055,9781610750059
194 pages
Here are teachers and researchers, biologists all, all from the University of Arkansas, real people who get their feet wet and their hands dirty in the pursuit of knowledge. From amusing to life-threatening, this book includes 15 adventures in biology fieldwork.
AirLine's R260-4 Hookah Dive System. by Air Line. $2,695.00. More Buying Choices. $2,695.00 new (2 offers) ... Electric Hookah Compressor. Sports & Outdoors: See all ... Find great deals on eBay for hookah dive compressor oilless compressor. Shop with confidence. Hookah air compressors are normally used for surface air supplied diving. These engine driven compressors supply air continuously and are superior to SCUBA systems ... The Air Line Dive System is an Alternative to Traditional Scuba Diving. The Air line Hookah allows you to dive without a tank, is light weight and easy for all scuba ...
AirLine's 110E160 Hookah Dive System

AirLine's 110E160 Hookah Dive System

by AirLine By J. Sink
Price: $1,225.00
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  • 110 volt powerhouse. Plug into boat generator or shore power
  • Save time and energy. Scrub the hull, clear the prop while underway
  • Global service through Thomas 900 plus facilities. Compressors easily fixed in the field

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Product description

Continuous cycle performance. Run all day, every day. Do a permanent mount or pull out on the deck when needed. With less gear to don you're in the water in a fraction of the time as scuba, and no tank to bop the gel coat. Requires less buoyancy weight than scuba. Breathing is more comfortable than scuba as humidified is drawn in from the surface. Just be sure that the air around the compressor is uncontaminated. Very low noise level with a silent overpressure valve. Motor: 1-1/4 HP. Draw: 8 AMP working, 10.5 A full load. Output: 4.8 CFM @ 0 PSI, 3.3 CFM @ 40 PSI. Standard package is for a single diver. Compressor measures 10.5 by 7 by 12 inch high and weighs just 28 lbs on white, rubber footies. Balance of package includes a 5 Foot U.S. Navy heat hose; a 60 Foot down hose with high-flow, solid-brass, nickel-plated, swivel fittings (Absolutely no restrictive, breakable, plastics); a Tow Belt; Weight Belt; adjustable regulator, with comfort swivel and long mouthpiece, and User Manual. Recommended options are the Addit Diver package which includes all the things needed for immediate, screw-on inclusion; and the Padded Gear Bag for protection and low-volume storage.

AirLine's R260-4 Hookah Dive System

AirLine's R260-4 Hookah Dive System

by AirLine By J. Sink, Inc.
Price: $2,695.00
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  • Solid Brass, Nickel Plated hose fittings, not plastic like others use. CGA-E, air-breathing quality
  • Service through Thomas 900 plus facilities. Compressors easily serviced in the field in minutes
  • Fan-cooled, vented compressor for internal wash-out with no disassembly.

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Standard package includes powerful, but tiny (9 inch) compressor and heavy duty commercial grade Honda 4-cycle (no oil/gas mix), 4 HP engine mounted in a 19 by 25 by 17 inch storage case. The case bottom nestles into a 1,000 Denier, Cordura covered float. On the water, the assembly is quite stable up to 4 foot seas. Handling weight is just 48 lbs., whether in the case or on the float. Air is brought in high above the compressor through a removable staff. System is designed to absolutely preclude the intrusion of contaminated air. Two, 60 foot diver hoses with high-flow, solid-brass, nickel-plated swivels, on either end to prevent kinking, attach to 38 inch whip hoses. (No breakable and restrictive, plastic fitting are used). Regulators have multidirectional swivel fittings that rotate on 2 axes to eliminate hose tension on the regulator. Together with the long mouthpieces, jaw fatigue and repositioning are things left to the competition. Regulators can be fine-tuned in the water. A recap of standard equipment: Compressor/engine in Polypropylene case; air intake staff with filter; 2-60 foot hoses with whip hoses and second stage regulators, 2 Tow Belts; 2 Weight Belts; Users Manuals and gear bag. Warranties are; three years for engine at any Honda dealer; one year for compressor at any Thomas facility; one year on the balance at any original manufacturer location. It is unnecessary to return any item to the Air Line, however that option is always open. Service, although rarely needed is available locally in most cases. Our aim, as always, is customer convenience to support the unequalled integrity of the products.

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Fill 'er Up: Will That Be Air, Nitrox, or Helium?

While there are many designs of compressors our primary interest here is with high-pressure units. Low-pressure systems are used in conjunction with other devices or feed the diver with air directly such as a surface supplied hookah unit. High-pressure 

Excelsys 500W Convection-Cooled Power Supply Offers 92% Efficiency

With typical efficiency of 92%, and operating from 90-264VAC, the XS500 delivers 500W of output power without the need for forced-air cooling ... pumps, fans, compressors, capacitor banks, etc., with loads requiring very high instantaneous transient ...

Self made entrepreneurs in Provo?

America is getting older and more entrepreneurial.By 2030, nearly 20% of all Americans will be 65 or older, according to the... Marketing to Seniors: A critical strategy for business In the next 20 years more than 75 million more Americans will turn 60 ...

Retired Marine Warns Dynamite Fishers: We'll be Watching You

Aboard boats or diving using hookah air compressors, collectors scoop scores of dead and dying fish. Obscured by wafting clouds of silt are the blasted remains of corals. All this takes under a minute. Recovery takes decades. Section 88 of Republic Act

how do I get customers on my etsy site?

#Snowmaggedon2015, #Juno, #Snowpocalypse – whatever you want to call it, it’s all anyone’s been talking about for the past... Bill Gates Regrets Only Speaking English, Also Talks About Living Longer And AI Threats Bill Gates helped revolutionize the ...

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