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Grand Sale: Camping Mobile Portable Fan & Mini Air Conditioner ...
Small Portable Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner:Runs on batteries or USB. - Blows a cool breeze on you where ever you go. - Utilizes a 30db whisper-soft turbine system. - Creates cool air up to 30F. With a wrist strap for easy carry. -Blowing speed adjusted by the on/ off switch.
RV air conditioner for sale (Central WI)

This is a Coleman Model 6747 Mach 1 Rotary series. Included are the original installation instructions and operating manual. It was purchased new in 1986. It...

Free Estimates & Pricing. Interested in more info regarding the purchase or rental of a central Air Conditioner? We have some of the best prices available! Air Conditioner Rentals. Enjoy the energy savings that a brand new air conditioner offers without the upfront cost. You can now rent a high efficiency central air ... TRANE CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONER SALES ONLINE Trane Central Air Conditioners For Sale. Trane makes a quality lineup of central air conditioners to fit any demand for ... New Central Air Conditioner Sales, Chicago Memorial Day has come and gone and the summer festivities are about to POP. Beaches will open
Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Cover, Square

Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Cover, Square

by Classic Accessories
List price: $29.99
Price: $23.26
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  • You'll be sure to find the right covers to fit your needs with over 140 shapes and styles in the Veranda Collection from Classic Accessories
  • Heavy-duty click-close closure buckle keeps cover closed
  • Guaranteed to fit square air conditioners 34" long x 34" deep x 30" high

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Product description

Keeps rain, snow and leaves out of vents in off-season. Fits square AC units up to 34-inch L by 34-inch W by 30-inch H

Sizes Available

Grill Covers

Bench/Loveseat Covers

Table & Chair Set Covers

Patio Cushion Bag

Chair Covers

Patio Heater Covers

Log Rack Covers

Ottoman/Coffee Table Covers

Fire Pit Covers

Smoker Covers

Chaise Covers

Canopy Swing Covers

Umbrella Covers

AC Covers

Log Tote Covers

Fountain Covers

Veranda Collection patio furniture covers by Classic Accessories offer maximum protection with style. The dark splashguard hides stains and water spots while high-flow air vents protect furniture from mold and mildew. Buckled straps attach to furniture legs and help covers hold on in the worst weather. Water-resistant undercoating keeps the rain from penetrating, ensuring that your furniture stays high and dry. A convenient draw string hem affords a tight, custom fit while large padded handles make removal and adjustment of your cover convenient and hassle-free. All Veranda Collection covers feature a 3-year warranty guaranteeing replacement if damaged by dry-rot, the sun, or mold and mildew.

•Gardelle Fabric System features an elegant fabric top, a water-repellent and resistant PVC undercoating, and a protective dark splash guard skirt

•Air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting

•Click-close straps snap over legs to secure cover on the 
windiest days

•Elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a tight 
and custom fit

•Padded handles for easy fitting and removal

Find the Right Cover for Your Air Conditioner



Up to 34"dia 30"h
Up to 34"l 34"w 30"h

Compare Veranda to Other Lines by Classic Accessories

Gardelle One woven polyester with UV stabilizer coating and PVC backing
Gardelle woven polyester with PVC backing
WeatherPro 3-ply non-woven polypropylene
Dark Taupe/ Mushroom/Espresso
Air vents
✔Structured with Mesh, Covered
✔ Mesh, Covered
✔Webbed with Extra Padding
✔ Padded
All-Season Protection
UV Protection
Strapping System
Attachment System with Belted Channel
Click-Close Straps
Elastic Hem
✔ Toggle with Advanced Hemcord Channel
✔ Hemcord with Toggle

Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Filter, MPR 1000, 20 x 25 x 1-Inches, 6-Pack

Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Filter, MPR 1000, 20 x 25 x 1-Inches, 6-Pack

by Filtrete
List price: $87.92
Price: $59.91
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  • Designed with Filtrete Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M to pull in and trap unwanted air particles while letting clean air flow through
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Filtrete Allergen Defense air filters turn your central heating and cooling system into a whole house air cleaner

Customer reviews (see all 1,700 reviews)

These are great- just be careful that too much filtration can OVERHEAT your heat and air units, May 21, 2009
These are great- just be careful that too much filtration can OVERHEAT your heat and air unitsI was using the Filtrete dark blue 1500 rated filters and thought they were great. But eventually I found the air flow was less and less and...

From Nevada to Texas, Filtrete has Eased My Allergies, July 9, 2015
I usually purchase the least expensive A/C filters, however, when I lived in Nevada, the dust was bad, I upgraded to the Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Filters to get my allergies and nosebleeds under control. The filters are effective at doing...

Not as good as they used to be, September 28, 2014
I've been using these filters for quite a few years. I previously used 1500s but decided to back down to these in order to increase airflow. They work pretty good except I'm not sure I'd let one go three months as advertised. I usually change...

Product description

Filtrete Allergen Defense air filters turn your central heating and cooling system into a whole house air cleaner. Featuring electro-static technology, these filters reduce airborne allergens such as household dust, lint, dust-mite debris, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and smog. For best results, change your filter every 90 days.

The Filtrete 1000 MPR Micro allergen reduction filter not only vastly improves the air quality in your home, it also keeps your air conditioning and heating systems running efficiently, saving on utilities and maintenance costs. The electrostatic filter attracts and captures airborne dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, lint, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, smog, and bacteria. With each pass through the specially pleated filter, the air in your living space improves, making for a healthier home environment. This air-cleaning filter outperforms comparable non-electrostatic fiberglass and washable and reusable one-inch filters.

1000 MPR Micro
Allergen Reduction Filter
At a Glance:

  • Electrostatic filter attracts and captures dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, smog, and bacteria

  • Improves air quality by cleaning air with each pass through the filter

  • Keeps your furnace or air conditioner running efficiently

  • Outperforms comparable fiberglass and washable/reusable filters

  • Pack includes six filters

The Elite allergen reduction filter's fibers attract air-polluting contaminants (view larger).

By removing dust from the air, the filter also reduces strain on your furnace and air conditioner, helping to keep them running efficiently (view larger).
Electrostatic Design Captures More Particles
The 3M Micro allergen reduction filter is made with both positively charged and negatively charged fibers that act like tiny magnets to attract air-polluting contaminants. Since particles in the air are either positively or negatively charged, they are attracted to and captured by the filter and kept out of your living space.

Electrostatic filters, including the 3M Micro allergen reduction filter, perform better than comparable non-electrostatic fiberglass and washable/reusable filters, because they attract and capture the small, allergy-aggravating microparticles that non-electrostatic filters can't.

Improves Indoor Air Quality
With indoor air a surprising two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, the 3M Micro allergen reduction filter can make a difference in maintaining a healthier home environment by cleaning air with each pass through the filter.

The 3M Micro allergen reduction filter features a 1000 Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR), which means it is able to capture large and small particles from the air, including household dust, pollen, dust-mite debris, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, smog, and bacteria.

Improves Efficiency
This allergen-reduction filter also keeps your heating and air conditioning equipment working efficiently by removing dirt and reducing strain on the motor. It is recommended that you change the filter every three months. However, the effectiveness and life of the filter can vary and depend on the individual conditions in your home.

About Filtrete Air Filters
For nearly 25 years, Filtrete filters have delivered cleaner air to millions of homes, becoming a leader in residential air filtration. Developed by 3M engineers to help capture airborne allergens, the Filtrete filter media is electrostatically charged to act like tiny magnets to attract and capture microscopic particles from the air as it passes through the filter. Today, a dedicated technical team continues to develop innovative filtration solutions for around the home, including air cleaning filters, room air purifiers, and water filtration products.

What's in the Box
Pack of six 3M 1000 MPR Micro allergen reduction filters.

Filtrete Air Filtration Products
Elite Allergen Reduction Filter

Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter

Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter

Micro Allergen Reduction Filter

Dust and Pollen Reduction Filter

Dust Reduction Filter
MPR Rating 2200 1900 1500 1000 600 300
Dust Mite Debris  
Pet Dander    
Smoke & Smog    
Particles Carrying Viruses      
Particles Carrying Odors        

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