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Air conditioner: 110 years later

The first air conditioner blasted into action 110 years ago. Terrell Brown takes a look back on this important milestone.

Ushers Wife Ushers Wife says:
Why does an air conditioner give an option between Fahrenheit and celsius?
I got this new air conditioner with all these new options .. Cool , fan, dehum , and energy save. how the heck does this work? .. Well I guess energy save works according to the air in the room maybe it gives air like an air conditioner would cuts...
Small Business Owner in TX says:
The farenheit/celsius switch is there so you can choose to have info in Farenheit (USA) or in Celsius (everywhere else). The cool switch lets you tell it to act like an air conditioner, and make...
Antonio T Antonio T says:
Why is my air conditioner work on hotness instead of coolness?
My air conditioner only works on warming up the house but not cooling down the house,what would be the problem.
Peter G says:
its not an air conditioner its a heater


History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Published by Purdue University Press 1987
ISBN 1557530661,9781557530660
419 pages
Author of six earlier books about United States railroads, John F. Stover packs this narrative history with careful scholarship and colorful description which will appeal to the railroad buff and the professional historian, as well as to any reader who wishes to travel with the "Mother of Railroads" through an exciting period in United States history.
The first air conditioners and refrigerators employed toxic or flammable gases, ... Air conditioner equipment power in the U.S. is often described in terms of "tons ... AIR CONDITIONERS Early automobiles were not exactly comfortable. They were open vehicles and their skinny tires and rugged construction provided for a very rough ride ... Mother-daughter models You lighted the entire setting with blue lights, like a Hollywood winter scene. Then you used a high powered bird's eye with a white light to ... First Choice Air: air conditioner service and furnace service. Heating and air repair is our business. If the air conditioners or the furnaces are not working we can ...
Thermwell Prods. Co. AC14H Air Conditioner Side Insulating Panels,2 side panels per package

Thermwell Prods. Co. AC14H Air Conditioner Side Insulating Panels,2 side panels per package

by Thermwell
List price: $24.99
Price: $12.87
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  • Insulating urethane foam panels reduce noise and vibration
  • Side panels will fit most window units
  • Cut foam panel and plastic channel to proper height and install

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Product description

Insulating urethane foam panels reduce noise and vibration. Self stick side channels included for new or replacement installation. Side panels will fit most window units. Cut foam panel and plastic channel to proper height and install. 2 side panels per package.

Thermwell Prods. Co. AC11 Quilted Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

Thermwell Prods. Co. AC11 Quilted Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

by Frost King
Price: $9.99
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  • Large indoor plastic and fabric cover
  • Keeps out dust and drafts
  • Plastic liner stops draft

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Product description

Frost King indoor a/c cover for window units adds a decorator touch to keeping drafts out in winter. There is a plastic cover to keep out those drafts which is topped by a quilted Beige cloth cover. And it's machine washable.

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Jeb Breithaupt: Replacing your AC? Check with a professional first

Either way, buying a new air conditioner might not be as simple this time around as it was 10 or 20 years ago when you bought the last one. Air conditioning manufacturers know more about energy efficiency and the technology of comfort now that there's

Phoenix, Las Vegas bake in 120-degree scorching heat

The National Weather Service said Phoenix reached 116 on Friday, two degrees short of the expected high, in part because of a light layer of smoke from wildfires in neighboring New Mexico that shielded the blazing sun. Las Vegas still was ...

HEAT WAVE: Faulty Air Conditioner Leads To Stanislaus County's First Fatailty

STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) — A 77-year-old man is Stanislaus County's first victim of the heat wave, the sheriff's department announced Wednesday. Firefighters responded to a modular home at an undisclosed location on Tuesday and found the man 

With air conditioning, bigger isn't always better

When it comes to installing furnaces and air conditioning in today’s well-sealed home, bigger isn’t better, says a consultant who specializes in evaluating building performance. Doug Garrett, founder of the state’s first building science ...

Boeing Dreamliner fire investigation under way

A spokesman for GS Yuasa, which makes the Dreamliner batteries, said he had not received any information about whether or not batteries had been involved. The 787 is Boeing's biggest bet on new technology in nearly 20 years. It cost an estimated $32 ...

StephanieS___ The air conditioner in my house broke and I'm acting like I'm in the Sahara Desert. Smh, first world problems.
WW2HistoryGal @ilenegold Well, to be fair, I let the air conditioner cool off the room first, then blasted the fan and plugged in the laptop. ;-)

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