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Portable HVAC - Best Rated Portable Air Conditioner
It is well known that all air conditioning appliances are very important since they supply fresh air. Everyone therefore needs these appliances especially during the summer season. One can do so by having a portable HVAC system and this will work for you effectively. The HVAC is the short form of heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning.
Portable Air Conditioner Review - Do They Really Work?

willy willy says:
portable air conditioner how well do they work?
i have a room about 150 sq. ft. (10x15 aprx) and the window in this room is not fit for a regular AC, and was wondering do they potable ACs work well, and if they do would they work in a room with two computers (two towers, two monitors) and a...
nyninchdick says:
I have a portable unit, and it works great in a room that is about 325 sq. feet. They usually have all types of different adaptors for the exhaust hose, so as long as your window opens, it should...
Miss Magen Miss Magen says:
Portable vs. Window air conditioners?
I have a window A/C downstairs in my home that cools the entire downstairs very well. I need one for upstairs but there is no central window that would cool the entire area. I was hoping to purchase a portable A/C that could stay in the hallway....
Hellbent 2.0 system reboot says:
Window air conditioners are the best in my own personal opinion, i have had both before and window model generally work better than portable ones, i used to have a old portable one that i would...


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Watch as Marshall Brain explains how an air conditioner works in this video. HowStuffWorks Portable air conditioners save you money while still keeping a commonly used room in your home cool. If you decide to cool a different room, simply unplug the ... How to Set Up a Portable Air Conditioner That Works. Portable air conditioners save you money while still keeping a commonly used... A portable air conditioner works well to boost the cooling in a server room. Is a portable air cooler the same thing as a portable air conditioner?
BENGOO Fan Portable USB Fan Mini Desktop Desk Table Electric Rechargeable Fan for laptop room office outdoor travel

BENGOO Fan Portable USB Fan Mini Desktop Desk Table Electric Rechargeable Fan for laptop room office outdoor travel

Price: $25.99
Buy Now

  • Internal Light&Side Light: The built-in blue light and sidelight makes this little fan more adorable and suitable for kids or romantic scenes.These beautiful lights will be very helpful when you turn off lights at night or when you are traveling/camping/hiking at night.
  • Charging Cable&Rechargeable Battery: You can use or charge the fan with your smartphone charger or plug into your computer USB interface.Charge the fan with USB cable or one 18650 battery(All Included) and It can work for 2 hours when in the highest set and 4 hours in the middle set. When it is in the lowest speed, it will last for 8 hours.Please make sure you take off the insulation flim befor using it or it may not work.
  • Three Adjustable Speed Design: The BENGOO Rechargeable Fan speed can be adjusted from low to medium and high according to your need, it can provide you more choices in different temperture environment.

Customer reviews (see all 0 reviews)

Product description

Please make sure that you have taken off battery insulator before using it or this fan may not work
Dimensions: Approx :12.4X4.4X14.8CM / 4.88"X1.73"X5.83"
Output Power: 3.76W
Speed Mode: Low/Midium/High
Battery Type: Li-ion 18650 (INCLUDED)
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Charging Type: DC 5V USB & 18650 rechargeable battery
Working Way: Use AC adapter or rechargeable battery
Dimensions: Approx :12.4X4.4X14.8CM
Working Time:2,4,8 hours (depend on modes)
Charging Time:5 H Net weight:221g
Charging:DC 5V/600MA
Working Modes: Three working modes(High-Medium-Low)
Operating Instruction:
Botton off: power off immediately
Button on: power on, press once to change a speed. The speed program is low-medium-high-turn on the side LED light- power off
Press the "on" and hold it for 5 seconds can turn on or turn off the inside colorful lights. Charging indicator light: red means charging; green means fully charged
Charging battery through the Micro USB input
Package includes:
1 x Mini Rechargeable Desk Fan Personal Fan
1 x 18650 rechargeable battery
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

EdgeStar Upgraded Portable AC Vent Kit for Sliding Glass Doors and Large Windows

EdgeStar Upgraded Portable AC Vent Kit for Sliding Glass Doors and Large Windows

by EdgeStar
Price: $59.00
Buy Now

  • Edgestar Large Window / Sliding Door Kit
  • Fits ONLY EdgeStar or Koldfront models: PAC701W, AP8000W, AP12000S, AP12000HS, AP12001S, AP14000HS, AP14001HS, AP14009COM
  • Expands from from 21 1/2" long to 83" long

Customer reviews (see all 78 reviews)

This feels like a miss for a pricey kit, July 9, 2015
It came with no instructions. This feels like a miss for a pricey kit. Second, the materials felt flimsy. I needed to add support, tape and insulation. There are gaps along the sides that needed to be filled to prevent air leaks. After a week I...

Fantastic. Perfect for Delonghi portable air conditioner., June 24, 2016
Fantastic!! I ordered this for my Delonghi portable air conditioning. I couldn't find delonghi window brackets anywhere. They fit perfectly. Much better quality then the original delonghi brackets. I was specifically impressed with the response of...

A tad flimsy due to its length, but totally ..., May 17, 2015

Product description

Upgrade your portable air conditioner installation options with this large window and sliding door vent kit for specified EdgeStar portable air conditioners. This extra-long plastic vent kit (APPK2010) works with your existing vent hose and round adapter, and the vent kit's four pieces can expand from 21 1/2" long to 83" long. Compatible with EdgeStar models PAC701W, AP8000W, AP12000S, AP12000HS, AP12001S, AP14000HS, AP14001HS, and AP14009COM.

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Window air conditioners do not take up much space

There really is not an available window or space for a portable air conditioner. There are two windows ... You are correct that the soffit and ridge vents work together for ventilation. However, the writer did say he had vents on each end of the home ...

Brookline Recycling Corner: How green is your summer?

Cool and easy — Air conditioning can offer much-needed respite from the heat and can make sweaty nights bearable, but be sensitive to overuse. Turning up the thermostat a few degrees on your AC is a great way to save tons of cash while making the

The Real Housewives of NYC Recap: Ashes to Ashes

She's not particularly balanced or graceful, but she's also trying to land a job with a man inching closer to her face every second while she works out. She gets the job, and when the JCORE crew comes to her Reid tried to join in the fun when Old

Evaporative Cooler offers alternative to air conditioner.

... How Evaporative Cooling Works Without Freon Using Only Water And Electricity Works Where Air Conditioning Won’t, COOL-SPACE™ Portable Evaporative Cooler Provides Effective Evaporative Cooling For Only Pennies Per Day. Fishers, Indiana - F ...

An Air Conditioner Automatically Starts Cooling While You're On The Way Home

for example—have centered primarily on central air conditioning systems, as they aren't as limited by the tighter space specifications of portable units. Aros isn't, by any means, a new cooling technology; cold air from the unit is generated much the ...

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