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Comprehensive HVAC Service in McAllen, TX. When you need a reliable McAllen, TX, HVAC contractor to fix or replace a heating or cooling unit, then please call the professionals at Comfort Services. Our team in McAllen, TX, will work closely with you to ensure that you stay cool during the.
Trane XR15 Central Air Conditioner Review

We provide a short video on the features, benefits and prices on the popular Trane XR15 Air conditioner.

hokiedokie24 hokiedokie24 says:
What temperature should my central air conditioner be putting out of my vents?
My central air conditioner is a Trane XE1000. During these hot days the temps sometimes run mid 80's to low 90's outside. My unit is almost running constantly and I have it set at 72 degrees. What should the temperature be coming out of the ducts...
Saucy says:
This sounds about right. What you have is a 20 degree temperature drop that you are pushing your AC to provide. Because of the higher temps and the lower setting on your T-stat, it will continue to...
answers for people! answers for people! says:
programmable thermostat-- should i purchase one built by the same company that my a/c is?
I'm ready to save money with a programmable thermostat. I have an old boiler (radiator heat) and a brand new Trane central air conditioner system, installed in January of this year. Is there any advantage to buying a Trane programmable thermostat...
siggo8 says:
I am not an expert in this field, but I have recently replaced my thermostat and can give a little advice. When I changed thermostats I did some research and realized that basically all of them...


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Air conditioners by Trane are a reliable and energy efficient solution for your home's air cleaning and cooling needs. Trane central air conditioners are once of the top brands, find out what consumers think about Trane air conditioning systems. Read 363 reviews of TRANE central air conditioners or write your own review. Trane Central Air Conditioners | Trane Mini Air Conditioner | Trane Furnace | Trane heaters | Trane Air Conditioners. Here you'll find reviews and ...
TRANE Used Central Air Conditioner Package TCK030B100AA ACC-7202

TRANE Used Central Air Conditioner Package TCK030B100AA ACC-7202

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Customer reviews (see all 0 reviews)

Product description

Used 2.5 Ton Package Unit TRANE Model TCK030B100AA ACC-7202

Stock Number: ACC-7202
Equipment Type: Package
Cooling Size: 2.5 Ton
Refrigerant Type: R-22
Manufactured Year: 2006
Heating Type: Electric
Heating Size: 5 KW
Equipment Condition: Very Good
Equipment Location (City): Ft. Pierce
Equipment Location (State): Florida
Brand: TRANE
Seer Rating: 12
Model - PKG Unit: TCK030B100AA
Duct Configuration: Horizontal
Application Type: Residential
Electrical: 208/230 Volt-1 Phase
Description: Clean, Ready To Heat & Cool!
*Unit is fully charged with refrigerant  

TRANE Used R-22 Commercial Central Air Conditioner Condenser 2A7C0060A3000AA ACC-7119

TRANE Used R-22 Commercial Central Air Conditioner Condenser 2A7C0060A3000AA ACC-7119

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Product description

Used 5 Ton Commercial Condenser Unit TRANE Model 2A7C0060A3000AA ACC-7119

Stock Number: ACC-7119
Equipment Type: Condenser
Cooling Size: 5 Ton
Heating Type: None
Refrigerant Type: R-22
Manufactured Year: 2006
Heating Size: N/A
Condenser Type: Straight Cool
Equipment Condition: Very Good
Equipment Location (City): Ft. Pierce
Equipment Location (State): Florida
Brand: TRANE
Seer Rating: 11
Model - Condenser: 2A7C0060A3000AA
Application Type: Commercial
Electrical: 208/230 Volt-3 Phase
Description: Clean & Ready To Cool! Commercial use only, 3-Phase Electric
*Per EPA regulations, Unit is Charged with Dry Gas for Testing and Shipping

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We offer a wide range of products to fit your budget and proudly feature Trane heating and air conditioning products. Your indoor air quality and comfort becomes our concern and we understand the need for efficiency, reduced allergen . AC units and

Trane Systems, Performance Contract to Save VocTec School $10 Million

The school replaced more than 40 rooftop HVAC units with more energy-efficient systems which will provide optimal indoor environments while consuming substantially less energy. School leaders also selected a more energy-efficient central heating plant

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