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Johnny Rocks and the 107: An Apocryphal Tale — A guest post by The Battered Bunnet.
by The Battered Bunnet. The 5 door Peugeot 107 “small city car” is one of identical triplets, born of the B-Zero collaboration between Peugeot-Citroen and Toyota, each parent taking one of the newborns and giving it the family name. Thus the Toyota Aygo and the Citroen C1 are the siblings of the 107, separated at birth at the.
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Fiscal Cliff Legislation Includes Retroactive Tax

"FISCAL CLIFF" LEGISLATION INCLUDES RETROACTIVE HOMEOWNER TAX CREDITS. Omaha, NE -New legislation extends tax credits that had previously expired in 2011. Ho...

Dilbert Dilbert says:
Do you know anyone who uses a geothermal heat pump for their home heating and air conditioning?
Also known as geoexchange heat pump or ground source heat pump. How much did it cost them, and how well does it work for them? Do they ever have to supplement it with ordinary heating or air conditioning, or is it always plenty, even in the most...
Lace says:
I had a geothermal unit (water to air heat pump)installed in October, 2007. I paid approx $8,000. There has not been any extreme weather here in North Carolina, but I don't have a supplement...
Would a duel rate income tax not be the fairest system of all?
Lets say people who make $30,000 and under pay nothing but receive no earned income tax credit. For people who make over $30,000 the rate would be 20%. Allow for family, medical and educational deductions only. A person making $50,000 a year...
Dan O says:
Your tax proposal recognizes the guiding principal of a progressive tax structure. It's idea that people shouldn't pay tax on the minimum cost of surviving, hence your exempting the first $30,000...


Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation
Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation
Published by Oxford University Press 2013
ISBN 0199577986,9780199577989
685 pages
Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation is an internationally refereed publication devoted to environmental taxation issues on a worldwide basis. It seeks to provide insights and analysis for achieving environmental goals through tax policy. By sharing the perspectives of the authors in response to the diverse challenges posed by environmental taxation issues, effective approaches used in one country may be considered and possibly implemented by governmental authorities in other countries. Each volume contains pioneering and thought-provoking articles contributed by the world's leading environmental tax scholars. This seventh volume focuses on the special problems of the urban environment and the challenges which confront cities and mega-cities. It examines tax issues relating to congestion and pollution control, road pricing and other forms of transportation management, housing and the construction industry, energy generation and consumption, trade, carbon taxes and new eco-service markets, research and development taxes. It contains case studies from developed as well as developing countries. Contributors come from various disciplines, particularly law, accounting and economics. The countries examined include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Uganda, and the United States.
The increasing use of electronic appliances has lead to several disadvantages as well. With the growing population, the use of natural and artificial resources has ... Jay Egg The Expert on Geothermal HVAC Consultant | Author | Speaker. Jay's passion for geothermal air-conditioning and heating started during a repair to his own ... Replacing an outdated central air-conditioning unit not only will save you money on your energy bill, but it also will affect your tax bill. The government has ... Tax credits are available in 2009 and 2010 for homeowners who purchase energy efficient systems for their homes. This video discusses the tax credit, and ...
18000 BTU Ductless Split Air Conditioner - Senville Leto - With Heat Pump

18000 BTU Ductless Split Air Conditioner - Senville Leto - With Heat Pump

by Senville
List price: $1,117.92
Price: $1,092.21
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  • 17 SEER - Save up to 20% on your electrical consumption. (Inverter)
  • Heat Pump - 19000 BTU - Can heat your home, office or store with minimum operating temperatures as low as - 15 C / 5 F.
  • Silver Ion TechnologyTM system provides seven stages of air filtration to kill airborne bacteria, eliminate odors, deactivate harmful chemical gases, and eliminate up to 95% of dust, smoke and pollen.

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Senville mini splits are completely fortified with an innovative Toshiba Inverter compressor. Implementing the newest technology offered, your system guarantees marginal use of electrical resources while sustaining an amiable yet affordable housing temperature. As a testament to their minimal energy usage, Senville units have been certified for efficiency in home heating and cooling appliances. Each Senville product is manufactured to the maximum international standards and backed by more than four decades of global engineering brilliance. Senville air conditioners are some of the most efficient available on the market. The inverter technology installed in all Senville products help them reach S.E.E.R.(Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) as high as 17! Senville air conditioners have earned certifications from international standards. Senville ductless mini splits meet the requirements for tax credits offered in certain states in the USA and provincial areas of Canada, giving you extra money back during tax season for an already affordable Senville unit. The multi-faceted Senville ductless air conditioners are precision manufactured with Toshiba compressors which can invariably be used as heat pumps during the winter months. The outdoor units are equipped with a defrost cycle, allowing these mini split Senville units to operate with outdoor temperatures that drop as low as 5°F / -15° C. You'll be able to operate this unit year round and watch the heating and cooling savings rack up through its energy efficient operation.

Solar Powered Attic Fan (#US1110)

Solar Powered Attic Fan (#US1110)

by U.S. Sunlight Corp
Price: $239.95
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  • Limited 1-year warranty on Solar Controller • Limited 5-year warranty on motor • Limited 20-year warranty on solar panel & housing Product Images
  • Reduces ice damming • Helps create a balanced, more energy efficient home
  • Extremely quiet - no harmonic hum typical of electric powered fans • Easy to install - no electrician, permits or inspections required

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Waste of Money!, July 28, 2015

exceptional, May 29, 2013

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Award winning Solar Powered Attic Fan properly ventilates attic space with free solar energy. Reducing attic temperature lowers air conditioning bills and removing moisture reduces mold and mildew. Eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and many local utility and municipality rebates. Easy DIY installation in under two hours with detailed instructions and installation videos.

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Rebates still available for upgrading air conditioners

If a new air conditioner is on your shopping list, home improvement advisor Tom Kraeutler says you may qualify for a hefty federal tax credit. “It's actually a pretty good time to go energy efficient and sustainable,” Kraeutler says. “Go to the Energy

BBB: Summer Scams

Some models may even be eligible for a tax credit. Ask your HVAC contractor (heating ventilation and air conditioning) to verify tax credit eligibility and provide the Manufacturer Certification Statement for the equipment you plan to purchase. For

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