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This is a unique design for any automation engineer extraordinaire, a automation engineer that stands out from the crowd and is hands down the best automation engineer ever!

Truck-Loaning Etiquette 101, Part 2: Bring It Back Better
I once swapped a co-worker's pickup for my sports car to move some stuff for a day, retrieved my car in the dark and ran home for a shower. The gal who owned the truck had only taken my car to the gym but since neither of us checked the vehicles when I returned her truck, no one knew stuff had fallen out of her gym bag until my date.
Glade automatic air freshener review

Glade automatic air freshener is very effective at freshening any room.

amixa89 amixa89 says:
Whats the best air freshener to use for a large room??
I have a pretty large room and the air fresheners that i buy are never strong enough to have any effect or never last very long at all. Whats the best one to use?
bonlwick says:
I really like the squirting aerosol cans that are automated. They last a long time and the scent refreshes itself. You could put one at each end of the room.
Ryanne Faye Ryanne Faye says:
So, I am about to adopt a cat! So nervous... It will be my first one!?
I just saw this announcement on FB that this coming Sunday, at a shopping center near my house is giving away homeless cats! And whoever interested can go and get one home! I will go and get one! XD I just hope I get one I like!!! I never have...
Kristen says:
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Made for Export 2011 Sprint (No.605)
Made for Export 2011 Sprint (No.605)
Welcome to Air Fresheners and More! Your single source for commercial grade automatic air fresheners, hand held room deodorizers, solid air fresheners, ozium odor ... Find great deals on eBay for air automatic freshener and automatic air freshener refill. Shop with confidence. Glade Sense & Spray Clean Linen Motion-Activat ed Automatic Room Air Freshener Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Spray, Starter Kit, Cool Linen and White Lilac, 6.17 Ounce by Air Wick
Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener Dispenser, White, 1 Count

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener Dispenser, White, 1 Count

Price: $10.99
Buy Now

  • Automatic air freshener spray brings continuous and long-lasting fragrance into your home
  • Refills for use in all Air Wick Ultra air freshener dispensers
  • Air freshener dispenser works with any Air Wick Ultra automatic air freshener spray refill

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Product description

Air Wick Freshmatic automatic air freshener spray is designed to add a long-lasting, time-release fresh fragrance to any bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchens, living rooms, dens or office spaces. The automatic air freshener spray refills are simple to use: just insert it into the air freshener dispenser. When the spray runs out, you can choose to replace it with the same fragrance or a different one.

Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener Starter Kit, Hawaiian Breeze (6.2 oz)

Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener Starter Kit, Hawaiian Breeze (6.2 oz)

by Glade
List price: $16.66
Price: $9.92
Buy Now

  • Also fits Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra, Ultra I-Motion , and Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic sprays or your money back! Air Wick and related brands are registered trademarks of Reckitt Benckiser LLC.
  • Choose from a variety of quality Glade fragrances. Refills last 60 days when set at the 36 minute setting. Refill fits Glade and Air Wick Freshmatic sprays.
  • Decorative, etched design complements the décor of many rooms. Portable, battery-operated unit adds fragrance anywhere. Easy-open latch design makes changing refills easy.

Customer reviews (see all 281 reviews)

Great buy!, December 4, 2016
Works perfectly as marketed!In other reviews, I read about some of the people complaining about it being too loud and scary. I didn't feel it to be loud and scary. Yea if you easily get scared, it might spook you for a moment but the...

I like it, October 16, 2012

Nice device. Weird scent., May 25, 2016
I guess I need to write two reviews. One for the device and one for the scent.The device is good. I just priced it at the supermarket and it was $9.99. With the Amazon coupon and Prime shipping I got it for $8 and change. It's easy to get...

Product description

Glade Automatic Spray is a battery-operated unit that time-releases fragrance automatically, while a boost button provides more control with an instant burst of fragrance - and when it comes to certain rooms in our home, that's called peace of mind.

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Truck-Loaning Etiquette 101, Part 2: Bring It Back Better

Some owners may prefer you not wash their truck, especially at an automated place. Fuel is pricey but still a deal Give the interior a spritz with an air freshener; I don't want to know where you stopped for meals in my truck. If you used the truck

Auto Spa Self Serve Car Wash & Dog Wash

Self-serve car wash centres like Auto Spa use waste water collection to prevent water from entering into the storm ... You have to bring your best friend to see the outstanding dog wash facilities located in their own climate-controlled space at both ...

BUYINS.NET: CMC, WOR, UNF Expected To Be Up Before Next Earnings Releases

(M2 PressWIRE Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) BUYINS.NET / is monitoring the performance of all stocks with earnings being released in the coming weeks and determining how the stocks have performed Before their last 12 ...

Alpha Aromatics®

Unparalleled experience in developing air fresheners and odor control products involving ... quality control technology, fully-automated MSDS and international regulatory compliance. This enables us to: Capture the essence and computer generated production ...

Mercedes rolls into Bentley, Rolls territory with 2014 S-Class

Other touches include an automatic air freshener (if the driver wants one), and a camera system that detects bumps in the road and adjusts the car's ride accordingly. Early reviews tap it as a fitting heir to Mercedes' top-of-the-line flagship S-Class

KrisBrunker_ Automated toilet air freshener can fuck off. Scared the shit out of me.

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