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Two Indonesian high school student have impressed judges at the national Science Project Olympiad with their ingenious air freshener made from from cow dung. Dwi Nailul Izzah and Rintya Aprianti Miki managed to surpass 1,000 other participants at the Indonesian Science Project Olympiad (ISPO), held.
Holidays Tips: Homemade Eco-friendly Holiday Air

Want your home to smell like the holidays without all the chemicals from store-bought air fresheners. Try this easy concoction for a truly merry smell of cin...

crzycoookies crzycoookies says:
How can you make an eco-friendly odor-eliminating spray?
That you can spray out of a spray bottle? It's for my cat's litterbox, puting baking soda in there does not work only the spray-type odor-eater stuff in those spraycans(like air freshener but meant for litterboxes..) but those obviously aren't eco...
shortgilly says:
You can mix essential oils and water or rubbing alcohol to use as an air freshener. Just make sure the oil you chose is kitty-friendly. It won't be an absorber, but combined with the baking soda it...
Tink Tink says:
Do you enjoy spraying formaldehyde on your family?
Like air fresheners and water repellents..........Close up all the windows, airtight and spray the stuff.......or are you more eco friendly? BQ: How's your christmas shopping >?
Jax's Mommy says:
I tend to be eco friendly, but I have enjoyed that from time to time. BQ~ DONE!!! Except for my aunt and nieces.


Knack Clean Home, Green Home
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Store-bought air fresheners may contain nasty chemicals like formaldehyde. Yuck! Try some natural alternatives. Eco-Friendly Air Fresheners - Chikuno Cubes are a tiny, eco-friendly, chemical-free air freshener that sucks up odor, gas, ethylene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and mor... Green products for home from California scents The all new Green label air fresheners- a unique and effective earth friendly alternative to freshen the air- certified ... Eco-friendly natural air fresheners for commercial and industrial use. Made with 100% pure fragrance oils and no added VOCs. Order 6 or 12 month supplies.
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Bamboo Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber, Eliminator, Air Purifier & Freshener - Deodorizer Bags are 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic - Filter and Neutralizer for Car, Home, Shoes, Refrigerators

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Product description

Are you seeking a Natural and Allergy-Free way to purify and deodorize your car or rooms in your home?

These Nellam Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags are perfect solution Each odor eliminator bag last for up to TWO YEARS!

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How Effective Are These Bags?
•One 500g bag covers up to 250 sq ft - An ideal neutralizer for larger rooms around the home

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The natural absorbing charcoal pores eliminate odor and moisture helping to prevent the growth of mildew mold and bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

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Freshana's 100% plant-based AIRIA eliminates odors instantly! It is completely safe to use around kids, adults and pets. It doesn't mask odors like the harsh or "scented" products on store shelves. It actually gets RID of odors, and leaves you with an odor-free, toxic-free environment. Saving you time and money! You think there may be an odor too strong for our AIRIA? It eliminates the worst of the worst. Our air purifier can turn a smelly room or house into a place that is as fresh as the great outdoors in seconds - and do it naturally. Please view our complete website for customer reviews and testimonials. FAQ's How is Freshana different from other home cleaning products? We are 100% plant-based - 100% safe on skin or if swallowed. We also don't mask bad substances or smear them. We ELIMINATE them - quickly and completely. And there is no "leftover" from the use of our 100% natural products. Our products disappear along with the substances they are cleaning, because the good bacteria in the air around us LOVES our Freshana and eats it while eating the substances that Freshana has broken down for the good bacteria to consume. What are the ingredients in Freshana Products? Extracted coconut & palm oils, sugar extracted from any crop or plant that contains a large amount of sugar or components that can be converted into sugar, such as starch or cellulose, fatty acid found in poppy seed plants, cocoa butter and shea butter, beet sugar, cottonseed oil, and water. Is Freshana safe for children and pets? Completely. Our blend of 9 natural plants contains ZERO chemicals. It is entirely safe for children, pets and adults, whether on skin or accidentally consumed. Will AIRIA relieve all odors? We have not yet found an odor that AIRIA will not eliminate naturally and quickly - outside of a few artificial perfumes on the market.

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Even if you don’t get headaches from conventional cleaning products, the chemicals used in them aren’t good for the environment and they aren’t good for your health – especially if you have allergies. To help out people who want to use healthier ...

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Holy cow! Air freshener venture is dung and dusted

Dwi Nailul Izzah and Rintya Aprianti Miki won the country's Science Project Olympiad with their environmentally-friendly air freshener that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. The two girls used cow dung from a cattle farm and left it to ferment for

Go Greener

Having an eco-friendly home doesn't require a massive remodel to include ... (VOC stands for volatile organic compounds), throw out mouldy carpets, get rid of air fresheners and toxic cleaners that contaminate air space, and avoid buying furniture made ...

ktm1194 RT @Cather_InTheRye: If elected President, I promise to put reusable eco-friendly plug-in air fresheners in all the girls restrooms.
Cather_InTheRye If elected President, I promise to put reusable eco-friendly plug-in air fresheners in all the girls restrooms.

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