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A fourth a cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle filled the rest of the way with water is great for a quick clean up for coffee makers. Just spray and rinse. It is cheaper than using window cleaner and since I use my coffee maker for both making coffee and brewing tea daily. Also, spray it in the bottom of glasses with a.
How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

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Reejo Reejo says:
How do you clean the inside of your dishwasher?
without scrubbing. I want to clean it on the wash cycle..can I use vinegar like when you clean a coffee maker?
8 says:
I am assuming since you say you are considering vinegar, your main problem/ what you are wanting to clean id the hard water/ mineral/ iron stains? It a miracle for those, but it works on red...
Guillermo G Guillermo G says:
How to clean a cappuchino (coffee) maker?
I have an Oster Capuchino Coffee Maker. Because I make daily coffee, the machine is blocked, this is, no releasing enough pressure to fill the cup and the steam from the steam tube is still working but it releases less pressure each day. What can...
Grebbler says:
You have scale buildup in the machine. It's caused by hard (calcium / mineral rich) water. There are various cleaners for coffee makers and irons (that's what you want). CLR® - Calcium Lime Rust...


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Cleancaf Cleaner for Home Coffee and Espresso Equipment, 3 Pack (0.33oz each)

Cleancaf Cleaner for Home Coffee and Espresso Equipment, 3 Pack (0.33oz each)

by Harold Import Company, Inc.
Price: $5.33
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  • OMRI listed for use in Organic Production
  • Blue dye ensures proper rinsing; safe for all brewers and no vinegar smell
  • Cleans away coffee oil residue from both home coffee and home espresso machine brew chambers, baskets and servers

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Product description

When the internal components of your coffee maker are clean, your coffee brews faster, is less bitter and tastes better. The Cleancaf Coffee Maker Cleaner removes lime scale buildup allowing your automatic coffee maker to brew faster and more efficient. Your coffee will taste better. With regular use, coffee maker should be cleaned once a month. Cleancaf Coffee Maker Cleaner includes three treatments / three month supply. Odorless and non-toxic.

Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover

Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover

by Jelmar Company
Price: $10.60
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  • Septic safe
  • Light green liquid
  • Removes calcium, lime and rust

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Instantly removes calcium deposits from glassware, decanters, tea and coffee pots. Instantly removes lime scales from coffee makers, humidifiers, tubs, toilets and sinks. Instantly removes rust stains from stucco, brick, porcelain, chrome and metals. CLR is a powerful formula for dissolving tough calcium and lime deposits and surface rust stains from tubs, toilet bowls, sinks, glass, chrome, fiberglass and stainless steel. CLR is septic safe and contains no phosphates.

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Get Rid of All Kinds of Hard Water Stains with Vinegar

Got hard water crust all over your home? Use that miracle cleaning (and cooking) fluid, vinegar to get rid of it pronto. Alice on the Thrifty and Chic blog posted several before and after photos of silverware, glassware, and her encrusted fridge water ...

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