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Best Deal Northwest Glass Yama Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Siphon ...
The Northwest glass Yama Stovetop vacuum cleaner flavorful coffee Siphon Product Description of This is a 8-cup stovetop coffee beans siphon, (40-ounce) utilizing a black handle. For brewing and serving the perfect-cup of coffee. A wire grid is enclosed for use on electric stoves, the grid is not needed for gas stoves.
Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker demonstration

Showing the cool brewing cycle of the Bodum Santos electric vacuum pot coffee maker. Full brewing cycle, unedited, you'll probably want to fast forward. I ha...

DonMoeMU DonMoeMU says:
Why can't i find a santos electric coffee maker? Is there a reason why they have been discontinued?
electric vacuum coffee maker, Starbucks had one that they sold, but they no longer sell it. I am really interested in the electric version and not stove top
Running Potato says:
As far as I know, the electric version of Bodum Santos has been plagued with problems: That may be the reason why...
1silvrfox 1silvrfox says:
Anyone have any suggestions where I can buy a Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker?
Does anyone know where I can purchase an electric Bodum/Santos vacuum coffee maker online besides eBay that is not too pricey?
Eric A says:
Ebay. Try the european versions in Germany, England, Portugal/Spain, France, and Ireland. Japan may be an option too. Go to Google, put in the word ebay and the country of choice. Or you can go...


Home Comforts
Home Comforts
Published by Simon and Schuster 1999
ISBN 0743272382,9780743272384
896 pages
Home Comforts is something new. For the first time in nearly a century, a sole author has written a comprehensive book about housekeeping. This is not a dry how-to manual, nor a collection of odd tips and hints, a cleaning book, a history book, or an arid encyclopedia compiled by a committee or an institute. Home Comforts is a readable explanation for both beginners and experts of all the domestic arts -- choosing fabrics, keeping the piano in tune, caring for books, making a good fire in the fireplace and avoiding chimney fires, ironing and folding, setting up a good reading light, keeping surfaces free of food pathogens, and everything else that modern people might want to do for themselves in their homes. But this reliable and thorough book on the practicalities of housekeeping is also an argument for the importance of private life and the comforts offered by housekeeping. Cheryl Mendelson is a philosopher, lawyer, sometime professor, and a homemaker, wife, and mother. Home Comforts is based on her domestic education, which she acquired while growing up on a farm in the hills of Greene County, in southwestern Pennsylvania, from her grandmothers, aunts, and mother. Learning from the distinct domestic styles of her native Appalachian relatives and her Italian immigrant relatives, she appreciated early on how important domestic customs are to a sense of comfort and identity in life. She writes out of love and respect for her subject, and hopes to inspire others to develop the affection and respect for home life and housework she was fortunate to have learned. Mendelson addresses the meanings as well as the methods of housekeeping with a keen sense of the history and values involved. The result is a warm, good-humored, engagingly written book with a message and a point of view, one that is overflowing with useful reflections and information. The clarity, breadth, and depth of the information collected here are unparalleled. You can read Home Comforts for thoughtful entertainment or use its ample index to help you find the answers to practical domestic questions. There is nothing quite like it. Among this book's unique features: · A skeptical discussion of the excessive use of disinfectants in the home. · How to iron a dress shirt and how to fold sheets. · How to make up a bed with hospital corners. · How to do all basic sewing stitches. · How to choose proper sizes for sheets, tablecloths, and other household linens. · How to set the table for informal and formal meals. · Expert recommendations for safe food storage. · The most exhaustive and reliable information on fabrics, textile fibers, and their laundering, drying, and other care that exists for nonprofessionals. · A thorough explanation of care labels and why and how you should often (carefully) disregard them. · Housekeeping guidelines for people with pets or with allergies. · What to do about dust mites. · How to clean and care for wood, china and crystal, jewelry, ceramic tile, metals, and more. · Guides to stain and spot removal. · Extensive recommendations for improving home safety. · A summary of laws applicable to the home, including privacy, accident liability, contracts, and domestic employees.· · 200 Elegant, Clear Drawings ·
One of the most commonly used appliances on everyone’s kitchen counter is the coffee maker. These machines come in all kinds of sizes and types, from small electric ... There are even electric vacuum coffee makers that operate this way without the need for open flames underneath the lower container. Find great deals on Electric vacuum coffee Coffee Makers, including discounts on the Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum 34-Ounce Coffee Maker. Automatic, or electric, vacuum coffee makers used to be popular, but are no longer marketed. Some automatic models would even keep the coffee hot after brewing.
The New Generation of Syphon Coffee Brewer - Diguo Electric Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Coffee Maker, No Alcohol and Fire, Easy Use Coffee Syphon Machine, 3 Cups (Black)

The New Generation of Syphon Coffee Brewer - Diguo Electric Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Coffee Maker, No Alcohol and Fire, Easy Use Coffee Syphon Machine, 3 Cups (Black)

Price: $99.00
Buy Now

  • Siphon Brewing - Enjoy The Best Of Your Coffee. Gives You The Pure And Clean Flavor You Want. Small Unit, Big Flavor! Can Be Used To Make Tea As Well!
  • Equipped With An Electric Heater And An Temperature Controller, Make Your Coffee Brewed At A Right Speed. Electric Base With Adjustable Heat Control; Makes Coffee In Less Than 5 Minutes
  • No Alcohol And Fire, No Dangerous Open Flames Like Most Siphon Or Vacuum Brewers. Easy And Safe To Use, Enjoy To Brewing Coffee In Syphon Way.

Customer reviews (see all 10 reviews)

I like drinking coffee by syphon coffee maker, May 17, 2016
My new way of making coffee! I like drinking coffee by syphon coffee maker, but do not like to take too much trouble to make it. Diguo Electric Syphon Coffee Maker can just satisfy my need. I chose to purchase a electric siphon brewer, and suggest...

I love this thing, May 11, 2016
I love this thing. Fun, cool new way to brew. The syphon coffeemaker is the use of electrical energy instead of alcohol lamp, safe and easy. If you don't have a gas stove or don't want to fill the included alcohol burner and wait for delicious...

... coffee that comes out of this siphon pot is amazing. I tried a few other kinds of siphon ..., May 8, 2016
The coffee that comes out of this siphon pot is amazing. I tried a few other kinds of siphon brewers before I decided to buy this electric one, and I have to say I didn't want to have to re-order fuels or burners constantly. This is a great find for...

Product description

Our full-fledged professional coffee flavor can be tasted at home. Beautifully crafted for an expert cup of coffee.This is a great price for this style of coffee brewing Capacity: 360ml 3 cup

Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker with Standard Packaging

Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker with Standard Packaging

by Hamilton Beach
List price: $99.00
Price: $58.19
Buy Now

  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Programmable with 2-hour auto shutoff
  • Durable stainless steel

Customer reviews (see all 1,404 reviews)

Excellent product if you know what you're getting into!, July 24, 2012
As a person who considers himself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, I would like to shed some light on criticisms I found to be consistent amongst the less glowing reviews. I think some people who purchased this machine are a bit unfamiliar with the...

Best ever! Finally!!!! A working coffee pot!!!! Whoohooooo!, December 4, 2011
YES YES YES! Finally a working coffee pot that wasn't designed/built by total morons!A coffee maker should do the following:1. Make coffee into a pot (not on the counter)2. Make hot coffee (listen up mr coffee!)3...

A solid coffee maker, but not perfect., February 23, 2012
I bought this for the same reasons you're probably already looking at thermal carafes, so I won't get into why that feature is so great.Things I like about this coffee maker:It makes hot, delicious coffee (despite other reviews...

Product description

10 Cup Thermal Melitta Coffee Brewer – 46894

Next time you say, “Let’s go get coffee,” think twice about rushing out to the coffeehouse, local shop or drive-thru to purchase some coffee and guzzling it down. Creating the perfect cup is something special to be savored. Something delightfully indulgent and memorable, something that evokes every sentiment of an authentic European café. That’s the promise of Melitta. Intelligent design, detailed craftsmanship, full-bodied flavor and a sensuous experience in every sip.

Product Feature Benefits
  • 10 cup vacuum-sealed, thermal carafe with thumb-activated pouring (no need to twist the lid)
  • Choose among regular, bold and robust settings for complete control over your coffee’s taste
  • Cone-shaped filter basket swings out for easy access and offers optimal coffee extraction
  • Programmable to let you brew coffee automatically in the morning
  • Pause & serve feature lets you pour a cup before coffee is finished brewing
  • Dimensions: 9.5”W – 12”D – 11.5”H
Take the next step in your pursuit of the perfect cup

The 10 cup Melitta Brewer brews with a drip machine that brews into a cone-shaped filter for better extraction and offers you control over the strength of your coffee. The Melitta Coffee Brewer knows how to make the most of your favorite ground coffee, from brewing it at a hot temperature to offering you the ability to wake up to a hot pot of coffee that’s ready to pour. If you’re dedicated to great-tasting coffee, choose the Melitta model with the carafe that fits your needs best: traditional glass with an adjustable-temperature heating plate or a thermal version that holds in heat without the need for a heating plate. See for yourself what coffee lovers are saying about the noticeable improvement in their coffee enjoyment experience. Melitta will bring hundreds of years of European culture, refined craftsmanship and rich indulgence to life, right inside your cup.

Choosing Your Brewing Strength: Melitta Coffee Brewers offer the choice of regular, bold and robust brewing strengths. It’s not difficult to decide which setting is right for you. If you typically purchase coffee described as, “bright, breakfast blend or mildly flavored,” and are not fond of espresso, your taste buds will be more at home with the REGULAR setting. If, on the other hand, you are drawn to dark, oily coffee beans at the store and look for coffee adjectives such as “bold, deep or rich,” choose the BOLD or ROBUST brewing setting.

Making Iced Coffee

In addition to brewing hot coffee, the Melitta 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer is perfect for making iced coffee. Try some the next time you need a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day or to energize yourself before a project. To make iced coffee, fill the reservoir with water to the 5-cup mark and fill the thermal carafe with ice to just below the rim. After that, simply brew double-strength coffee. After brewing, pour the iced coffee into a glass filled with ice and add your favorite sweetener or cream.

Care and Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the Melitta Coffee Brewer will help extend its life by removing hard water deposits that may be present in the tap water. You can choose to clean your brewer with inexpensive vinegar or purchase a coffee machine cleaner. Cleaning the coffee brewer regularly may seem like extra work, but you’ll find that the improvement in taste is well worth it.

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