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T55 Styline TASSIMO Machine First Use

Using your T55 Styline Coffee Machine for the first time? Let us help you get started!

Natural Mom Natural Mom says:
What coffee maker brews an entire cup but can dispense one cup at a time?
I saw a commercial where there was this coffee maker that brews an entire cup of coffee, holds the entire pot inside the machine keeping it fresh and warm, but will dispense at the push of a button one cup at a time. Has any one else ever heard...
The Dez Pirate says:
I think you mean, brews a whole pot then dispenses one cup at a time... I have seen those commercials. The ones with the snarky ass daughter in law. Hamilton Beach Brew station......
fodio fodio says:
How to descaling a coffee maker?
I need to descaling a coffee maker. I heard that baking soda and vinegar could be useful, but I do not have the proportions and instructions.
DreamWeaver says:
Use white vinegar and baking soda.In a measuring cup add 1/2 cup of vinegar then add baking soda until it is the consistency of paste.Rub this mixture on the inside of both the pot and basket.Run...


The Coffee Culture
The Coffee Culture
Whether you call it "Java," "Joe," "Mud," or "Bean Juice," coffee is a wildly popular--and incredibly profitable--beverage that can be prepared a number of different ... Does it really matters who invented first coffee maker? Would that really influence your decision making? I guess this is probably for your reading pleasure about ... On August 27, 1930, Inez H. Pierce of Chicago, Illinois filed patent for the first vacuum coffee maker that truly automated the vacuum brewing process, while eliminating ... Coffee makers are accepted kitchen accessories we use to beverage coffee bare the agitation of baking baptize separately. Abounding assorted styles of ...
My First Kenmore Coffee Maker

My First Kenmore Coffee Maker

by kenmore
Price: $29.99
Buy Now

  • Make real brewing sound
  • include coffee box, cup and spoon to play with

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Kitchen almost ready, March 14, 2017

Product description

My first Kenmore coffee maker is a must have kitchen kit for ever playhouse. It makes real brewing sounds. Battery not included.

Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

by Black & Decker
Price: $18.99
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  • 5-Cup capacity compact design
  • Optimal brewing temperature, Easy view water window and cord storage
  • Duralife glass carafe coffee and water carafe markings

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Product description

With a compact design and handy cord storage, this coffeemaker is a great value for small spaces such as apartments, condos or around the office. With one-touch operation and a nonstick “Keep Hot” plate, you can have hot coffee anytime without a hassle.

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DeLonghi pod coffeemakers dominate the top of our tests

As good as the DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio EDG455T is, however, it doesn't produce a bracing cup of coffee. For that you need a drip coffeemaker and freshly ground coffee beans. That's what our coffee experts discovered in our first-ever taste 

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im_lion_O What a guy!! Now I just gotta find a coffee maker. :) @ol_cole first ever finals week package! From my…
PamperdchefJill I am a big girl now!! First coffee maker EVER!! Thanks @TimHortons and @TASSIMOCanada

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