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It used to be a honkin’, fandangled-looking thing that required a lot of added effort and dexterity at ungodly morning hours to produce a perfect cup of hot coffee. So here’s the detailed cleaning and descaling. how-to tutorial for your Keurig Coffee Maker. Coffee is the liquid antidote.
Clean Your Keurig Coffee Maker!

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lala898 lala898 says:
Why is my Keurig making gross tasting coffee?
My Keurig coffee maker is making gross tasting coffee. I use the one cup reusable coffee filter and it's about a year old. Is it possibly just time for a new filter?
mariposa says:
Cleaning it with vinegar might help one cup to a carafe of water and run it through, followed by two plain water rinses


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Is the “Descale” light on your Keurig Brewer on? It’s time for Dezcal Cleaner! Keep your Keurig Single Cup Brewer working at its best by descaling, or cleaning ... Single cup coffee makers for the home and office - brew a wide variety of gourmet coffee, tea and hot cocoa one cup at a time in under 60 seconds. Find great deals on eBay for Coffee Maker Cleaner in Replacement Parts & Accs. ... *6-PACK* COFFEE MAKER CLEANER / KEURIG / SCALE REMOVER / DECALCIFIER / MR COFFEE. Where to buy Dezcal Descaling Cleaner for Keurig Coffee Maker.;; STORE PRICE PROMO SHIPPING Keurig ...
Keurig Descaling Solution

Keurig Descaling Solution

by MBlock & Sons, Inc.
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  • Extends the life of brewer
  • Use every 3-6 months
  • Removes mineral build up

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Product description

Keurig brewer performance matters. Descaling is an important process that removes calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a brewer over time. Calcium and scale is non-toxic but left unattended, it can hinder your brewer's performance over time. Descaling should take place every 3 to 6 months to preserve the long-term health of your brewer.

Keurig 14 Ounce Descaling Solution, Set of 2

Keurig 14 Ounce Descaling Solution, Set of 2

by M.Block & Sons
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  • Citric acid based solution
  • Only approved solution for Keurig brewers
  • Removes scale and mineral build-up in brewers

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Product description

Improve the performance of your brewer with this set of two 14 ounce bottles of Keurig descaling solution. This citric acid based mixture works faster than white vinegar, and is odorless and biodegradable. Made in the USA, this descaler should be used every six to eight months to remove calcium and scale build-up that can hinder your brewer's efficiency. Invest in the only solution approved for use in your Keurig brewer and restore your brewer's health and longevity.

2-1/4" diameter x 7-1/2" H, with a 14 ounce capacity

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When I first saw a Keurig K-cup single cup coffee machine, I thought it was awful. Let me count the ways it bothered me: Some of those objections still hold, all or in part. The K-Cup fad is a couple years old, so I’m not sure I’d still call it trendy ...

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posted on November 4, 2013 at 9:40am EST Since Keurig’s introduction in 1998 ... Unfortunately, the solutions sound about as effective as plugging a leak in the Hoover Dam with a band-aid. Reusable pods are available, but that involves ...

Why I Like My Keurig Coffee Maker

She'd also stopped making tea. At 83, she doesn't get around well and fussing with pots and filters and carafes was getting to be too much for her. A single-serve machine, which also makes tea from a standard teabag and requires no cleaning, was a

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There are reports of malfunctioning water or air pumps within just a few months and clogs, but there are a few owners who say they've used this machine regularly for years with no problems. Recently, Starbucks entered the one-cup coffee maker with the ...

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