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RUTH: King Keurig - Daily Free Press (subscription)
Every day, I stroll into my room around 6:30 p. m. after a thrilling day of work and classes. I sit down at my desk with my Spongebob mug, scavenge through my covert box of assorted K-cups and mentally prepare myself for the scrumptious delight that my Keurig produces.
Clean Keurig® Brewer Needles & K-Cup® Pack Holder -

Clean Keurig® Brewer needles and K-Cup® pack holder. If you are experiencing inconsistent brews, there may be some coffee grounds lodged in the needles that ...

Keurig My K Cup. Can I just put regular pre-ground coffee bought off the shelf into this?
I don't have a grinder, can I just buy, for example, pre-ground dunkin donuts coffee and use it with the my k cup adapter ?
ranunculusviridis says:
How to make my own Keurig coffee cups? by Mike (Jacksonville, FL) QUESTION: I have a Keurig B60 coffee maker and buy boxes of K-Cups most of the time. But it can get pretty expensive. Also,...
Keurig coffee and makers?
Anyone else hate Keurig coffee? Have you noticed that all the coffee tastes burned and whatever cup size you set it to it only makes about 75% of that size? What a waste: the coffee tastes bad, even if you decide to bight the bullet (in the...
For the Keurig a cup is dainty 6 oz. It never promises to fill your whole cup. It would need cleaning as something inside it is only letting half the water through, sounds like a limescale problem....


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Keurig® single cup coffee makers for the home and office - brew a wide variety of gourmet coffee, tea and hot cocoa one cup at a time in under 60 seconds. Drawer holds 36 Keurig K-Cups; NEW Stylish Coffee Cup Design; Easy Sliding drawer with space saving design; Easy to Clean, Rubber Mat absorbs vibrations My K-Cup Reusable coffee filter - Use your own gourmet coffee in a reusable filter. Exclusive to the Keurig Home Brewing System. Customers Who Viewed This Item Also ... Find great deals on eBay for keurig k cup coffee maker and k cup coffee maker. Shop with confidence.
Keurig 5048 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter - Old Model

Keurig 5048 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter - Old Model

by Keurig Kitchenware
Price: $5.29
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  • Optimized for all K-Cup brew sizes (4oz. to 12oz. depending on your brewer model)
  • For use with the following Keurig K-Cup brewers: K10 MINI Plus, K15, K40/45, K55, K60/65, K70/75/79.
  • Removable lid for easy filling and cleaning

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My K-Cup Reusable coffee filter - Use your own gourmet coffee in a reusable filter. Exclusive to the Keurig Home Brewing System.

Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System with Bonus K-Cup Portion Trial Pack

Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System with Bonus K-Cup Portion Trial Pack

by Keurig
Price: $112.79
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  • Easy cleaning and refilling with removable 48 oz. water reservoir
  • Auto-off turns brewer off after 2 hours
  • Heavy gauge materials for high volume use

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Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System

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RUTH: King Keurig

Just imagine — this roots from one little coffee pod that you can fit into your hand! Fortunately, Keurig produces an alternative to the K-cup — a reusable coffee filter that has the same shape as a K-cup so it can fit in the holder in the machine

OU Kosher Answers Your Questions for Passover 2014

Decaffeinated coffee: Coffee is often decaffeinated by means of ethyl acetate, which is derived from either kitniyot or chometz. Therefore A: A Keurig machine may be kashered by way of Hagalah or Iruy (please refer to pages 14-16 in the OU's 2014

Oatmeal in a Keurig machine? General Mills thinks so

Is there anything you can't make in a Keurig ... Maybe so but the K-cup version will include a packet of oatmeal, another packet of nuts and fruit and a flavor capsule that is mixed with the oats when hot water filters through the machine.

A Prosperous Future Awaits This Coffee Maker

The K-Cup packs will also be available online at and Given the fact that Peet's is one of the most cherished coffee makers, this collaboration will certainly attract more customers to the Keurig brewers and pods. Previously ...

Lawsuits claim K-Cup maker violates antitrust laws

Litany of acts' TreeHouse details in its complaint, filed Feb. 11, the "litany of acts" it alleges Keurig undertook in its efforts to maintain complete control over the single-serve coffee market after the patent on the K-Cup portion pack expired in ...

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