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Break out ice cream maker for homemade gelato, sorbet or sherbet - Winnipeg Free Press
I'm not big on kitchen gadgets. I have a few standbys -- my stalwart silver Kitchen-Aid mixer, my elderly Braun coffee grinder. But our compact galley kitchen doesn't have much room for space-hogging unitasker appliances. I also have a slightly puritanical commitment to the idea that most cooking requires only a sharp knife and a good saut© pan.
Make tea with your coffee maker

Showing a simple way to make tea with a basic coffee maker.

Sunshine Sunshine says:
Have you made tea with your coffee maker?
I have been searching for a hot tea maker, but the only one that I found is very expensive. Has anyone brewed hot tea in a coffee maker? If so, how did you do it? Did you use a filter and loose tea, a filter and tea bags, or what? Will an iced...
Kitty Kat says:
I always make hot tea in the coffee maker. I just put the tea bags in where the coffee goes (with no filter) and let it run through. If I want it stronger after it brews I take the bags and put...
renee renee says:
How do you clean a tea maker with vinegar? and how often?
I know you're supposed to clean your tea or coffee maker with vinegar but I don't remember how often or what the proper procedure is........
mazell41 says:
Fill with clean water & filter. Pour no more that 1/4 C of vinegar & let it run through just as if you were making coffee. When cycle is finished, dump it out, put one more clean filter in & fill...


Kitchen Hints From Heloise
Kitchen Hints From Heloise
Published by Rodale 2005
ISBN 1594861277,9781594861277
407 pages
Heloise shares the hints and tricks that have been passed down to her from her mother, the original Heloise, and adapted for today's fast-paced lifestyles. Her tested "kitcheneering" methods help readers shop economically, store foods efficiently, cook easily, and clean up effortlessly -- so they can spend more time with family and friends.
If you have a programmable coffee maker and love tea more than coffee here is your chance to use your coffee maker for your needs. Add this to ... Showing a simple way to make tea with a basic coffee maker. 8:20 Cheap DIY Compost Tea Brewer (under $30) 1/2 by garden frugal 7,993 views 13:07 Iced Tea Maker by Kevin Connolly 6,090 views 10:38 How to make a ... Looking for an easy way to make loose leaf tea? Wondering if you need a special coffee maker to brew tea in a coffee maker? Learn how to brew loose leaf ...
Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker, 3-Quart, Blue

Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker, 3-Quart, Blue

by Mr. Coffee
Price: $29.99
Buy Now

  • Water window in reservoir; removable brew basket; adjustable brew strength
  • Measures 8-1/2 by 15-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  • Dishwasher-safe pitcher with ice-level marking and nondrip spout

Customer reviews (see all 1,438 reviews)

Highly Recommend!! Even if you don't want to use ice in the pitcher!, October 26, 2016
I have been making iced tea the old school way by boiling water, added my tea bags, steeping for 6-7 minutes, then adding to a container of cold water.....for years I've done it that way. Until a friend of mine told me there are iced tea makers out...

Really good. Not quite perfect, but really good., April 9, 2016
Brewing tea in the Mr. Coffee TM70 3 quart Iced Tea Maker is certainly easier and faster than doing it on the stove, but it is not without a few minor issues. Please keep in mind that these opinions are based on my experiences at my household,...

Recipe for perfect Southern sweet tea! Don't follow their directions, follow mine!, January 24, 2017
Recipe for perfect Southern sweet tea!1. Fill pitcher to the top of the word "Water", not the water line, and pour into tea maker2. Place 3 family size "Luzianne" iced tea bags into the brewing cup and place in maker,...

Product description

Dishwasher safe pitcher. Steeping lever to select your favorite brew strength. Makes great tasting iced tea. Brews tea bags and tea leaves. Water window. Adjustable tea steeping control. Auto shut-off. On/off indicator light removable brew basket.

Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker for Loose or Bagged Tea, Blue

Mr. Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker for Loose or Bagged Tea, Blue

by Jarden Consumer Solutions
Price: $16.99
Buy Now

  • On/Off Indicator light and fast brew cycle
  • 2 qtr. pitcher capacity
  • Removable brew basket

Customer reviews (see all 623 reviews)

When a product works perfectly it should just be left alone. Don't fix what isn't broken., March 28, 2016
I had a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker for years and finally needed to replace it. It's not the same though and the brewing process has changed. There used to be a lever on the side of the brew basket and the water went through much slower and...

We love it! Until recently my wife and I owned ..., August 29, 2016
We love it! Until recently my wife and I owned one of the old 3 quart MC designs (turquoise lid) from way back in the late 80's, or early 90's? The pitcher cracked so we repaired it and used it for the last 20-25 years or so. It was a great machine,...

Makes great tea !, January 8, 2017
This makes 2 quarts of iced tea. Fill with water to the first line in the pitcher. Pour that into the brewer. Add about a scoop and a half of sugar (more or less to your taste) to the pitcher. Put 3 tea bags in the brewing basket. Put the...

Product description

Make deliciously refresing great tasting Iced Tea in minutes. You can brew Iced Tea the easy way. Simply place Water in the Reservoir, place your favorite tea (loose or bags) in the brew basket and ice in the pitcher. You will have fresh iced tea in minutes.

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Break out ice cream maker for homemade gelato, sorbet or sherbet

Some frozen desserts can be made without this handy small appliance -- as long as you have a freezer, you can pull off a gorgeous pistachio semifreddo or coffee granita -- but others demand special equipment. an ice cream maker, a basic model that

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HomesteadBlogs Make #icedtea in your #coffeepot with @FreshEggsDaily

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