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Posted by admin in : coffee maker reviews , trackback As cliche as it may sound, coffee is more than just a hot brown to black drink made from beans. When purchasing one, coffee maker reviews many turn to coffee maker reviews to make the right.
Equipment Review: Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Which automatic drip coffee maker produces the best brew? We tested 7 machines—and what we discovered was eye-opening. (To be fair, there was plenty of caffe...

sage sage says:
What is the "BEST" coffee maker out there?
I am in search of a good cup of homemade coffee....I currently use a small drip coffee maker and have tried several different brands of coffee however I am failing to get that fresh brewed wonderful taste one gets from places like Tim...
epic_laydown says:
i personally would go to and search coffee makers. You can then sort the list by Wize Rank. It will give you the best rated coffee makers.
SteelersFan SteelersFan says:
Can I use a device on a transformer that uses more watts than the transformer is rated for?
Hey guys, I am living in a place with 220V electricity. I have a voltage transformer to take it down to 127V. My question is what do you think is the possibility of using my transformer that is labelled 1010W with my coffee maker that is...
Alok T says:
There are many problems here. First is even if it is written a certain rating it will not give that much output. If I need a 1000W in our place I do not buy anything less than 1500w. Now in your...


The Coffee Culture
The Coffee Culture
Published by Ian Newton
Our Assessment tests lots of coffee makers, including standard drip coffee makers with carafes, brew-and-dispense models, grind-and-brew coffee ... Coffee Makers. Newest Coffee Makers Reviews Zojirushi Coffee Maker EC-DAC50 Review, Bunn Coffee Maker NHBX-B Review See newest reviews Exclusive Keurig Coffee Makers Reviews and Ratings at - Keurig’s unique line of Single Serve Coffee Brewers brings convenience and class to the home ... COFFEE MAKERS RATINGS right here! This website will help you find a better research on coffee makers ratings. It ...
Sekmet Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Cuisinart Coffee Makers 6-Pack

Sekmet Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Cuisinart Coffee Makers 6-Pack

by Sekmet
Price: $10.99
Buy Now

  • Easy to use: Soak and rinse the coffee filter for a few minutes, then put the filter into the holder, and you'll have fresh and tasty coffee every time!
  • Safe non-toxic: Sekmet charcoal water filter is made of filter cotton and activated charcoal by advanced technology, and earns applicable FDA, LFGB, ROHS, REACH ratings and certifications.
  • What you get: 6 pcs of charcoal water filters, which can offer you monthly replacement for 6 months.

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Product description

Filter cotton & activated carbon/charcoal

Sekmet Charcoal water filter removes impurities including chlorine, calcium, bad tastes and odors, and helps ensure tasty coffee. Each filter is individually packaged and sealed to ensure brand new quality, and they also come with a Box which can protects the filters. Sekmet charcoal filters are specially designed to fit most of Cuisinart coffee machines for premium charcoal water filtration. We recommends to change the water filter every 30 days, or more often if you have hard water.
Fits models:
#s DCC-115O, DCC-1200, DCC-2000, DCC-2200,DCC-2600, DGB-475, DGB-500BK, DGB-550, DGB-600, DGB-700, DGB-900BC Brew Central model #s CBC-00PC2, CBC-00WPC, DCC-1200 Grind & Brew model #s DGB-500, DGB-600, DCC-1400, CBC-001, CBC-002, CBC-00BKPC, CBC-SA002 Filter Brew model #s DCC-900, DCC-1000, DCC-1000BK Also fits: BC-00PC2 CBC-00 CBC-002 CBC-00BJ2 CBC-00BWBJ CBC-00BWPC CBC-00PC2 CBC-00PC4 CBC-00PC5 CBC-00SA CBC-00SA2 CBC-00SA3 CBC-00WPC CBC-4400 COD-400PC DCC-100 DCC-1000 DCC-1100 DCC-1200 DCC-1400 DCC-15BKBJ1 DCC-15WBJ DCC-200 DCC-2000 DCC-2200 DCC-2400 DCC-490 DCC-490BJ DCC-490SA DCC-590PC DCC-900 DCC-900BK DCC-KE12 DGB-500 DGB-600

Black & Decker 8-Cup Spacemaker Thermal Coffeemaker with Nonstick Carafe Plate

Black & Decker 8-Cup Spacemaker Thermal Coffeemaker with Nonstick Carafe Plate

by Black & Decker
Price: $144.76
Buy Now

  • Removable water reservoir for easy and convenient filling; 1 control panel with 24-hour digital QuickTouchTM programming buttons; Auto shut-off for peace of mind
  • Sneak-A-Cup feature allows for grabbing a cup of coffee while brewing is underway; Nonstick "keep hot" carafe plate keeps coffee hot and wipes clean easily; Thermal carafe insulates your coffee to keep it hot
  • Black & Decker 8-Cup Spacemaker Thermal Coffeemaker mounts under a cabinet to free your countertop of clutter; Perfect for apartments, RVs and office pantries

Product description

Ideal for apartments, RVs and where space is limited, the Black & Decker Spacemaker Thermal Coffeemaker mounts under a cabinet to free your countertop of clutter. The Sneak-A-Cup feature allows for grabbing a cup of coffee while brewing.

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