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When it comes to single-cup coffeemakers, it turns out that cheaper is better - New York Daily News
What does a $5,000 cuppa joe taste like. When I heard about the Jura Giga 5, the world’s most expensive single-cup coffeemaker, I had to know. Styled more like a ritzy refrigerator, this is the Batmobile of brewers.
Single-Serve Keurig & Cuisinart Coffee Makers Compared

This is a comparison between 2 Keurig-compatible single-serve coffee makers: the Cuisinart SS-700 and the Keurig Special Edition. More information can be fou...

jim s jim s says:
how much coffee is needed for a Single Serving coffee cup maker?
I was given a Single Serving coffee cup maker, it says it could make a 16 oz cup, how much coffee would be need for a 16 oz cup of coffee?
Lewboy says:
It's generally 1 tablespoon per cup of coffee. You can add more or less according to your own taste.
db db says:
Where can I find the single cup coffee maker used at Starwood hotels?
I've seen this single cup coffee maker at both a Westin and a Sheraton, both owned by Starwood Hotels. It says "good blends" across the front but I haven't been able to find out anything about it by searching. I liked it for its simplicity and...
family all a dollar had them on sale I have a dehlonghi 4 cup I really like


The Coffee Culture
The Coffee Culture
The popularity of single-cup coffee makers is soaring, but even the industry says there's room to improve on its environmental impact. Black Friday For Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker, Black Deals Reveal . Black Friday with Super Saver Shipping at Amazon Black Friday with Mr. Coffee ... Hamilton Beach Single Cup Coffee Makers |Online Reviews and discount finder for Single Cup Coffee Makers|Find Great Specials on Single Cup Coffee Makers Find great deals on Single coffee cup accessories Coffee Makers, including discounts on the Cuisinart Stainless 1-Cup Coffeemaker W1CM5S.
Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker Travel Coffee Machine One Cup Coffee Brewer for Most single cup pods, including K-Cup pods

Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker Travel Coffee Machine One Cup Coffee Brewer for Most single cup pods, including K-Cup pods

by Aicok
Price: $69.99
Buy Now

  • ONE TOUCH COFFEE MACHINE - Easy to use and clean, simple working process and auto shut-off, energy saving. The coffee maker makes a good cup of coffee in a reasonable amount of time and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It takes about 3 minutes to brew cup of coffee, and the coffee comes out very hot.
  • SINGLE CAPSULE DESIGN - Allows a variety of cup size severing as per your preference. It is very sturdy and super easy to use. Compatible with K-cup packs.
  • CERTIFICATION AND WARRANTY - BPA free material for water tank and UL, ETL, certification for coffee brewer give you 100% guarantee. If you have any issues with this coffee maker, please contact us. Quality assurance period for 2 years.

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Product description

Aicok compact single-serve coffee maker always provides you a fresh and delicious coffee no matter where you are. (Compact size and good for travel).

Compatible with K-cup pod; Single-Serve Design suits for MOST coffee pods and Coffee Filters.
Water Boiling Time 3.5 Oz ~ 1 minutes; 12.7 Oz ~ 2 minutes; the whole process will last for 3 minutes.
Removable Drip Tray allows room to use your favorite cup or mug and all the removable parts are dishwasher safe.
Auto Shut-Off The coffee maker will shut off automatically when there is no water in the water tank. It keeps your coffee maker safer.
Cool Touch Exterior It will boil water quickly; No scalding hazard, safe to touch with the surface, perfect for homes with kids.

Voltage: 120v, 60HZ
Power: 800W; 3 Prong Plug
Reservoir Capacity: Maximum 15oz (444cc)
Product Size: 4.3" W× 7.5"Dx9.8" H (110mmW × 191mmD x 251mm H)
Product Net weight: 2.42 LB (1.1Kg)

How to Use
1. Turn left to unlock the brew head and insert a single-serve capsule;
2. Fill the reservoir with water (3.5Oz ~12.7Oz);
3. Turn right to lock the brew head;
4. Choose the suitable size mug you like or remove the drip tray for larger cups;
5. Press the brew button to begin the brewing process;

We suggest the max height of coffee mug should not overpass 5.5"
This coffee maker was special designed for the capsule coffee. Please use the original single serve coffee capsule when brewing coffee.
Otherwise, it may cause coffee ground to your mug.
Mug and capsule are not included in package, please pay attention.
Please just brew water to clean the water tank for the first use or for use after a long period of time.

Two Years Warranty

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

by Hamilton Beach
List price: $69.99
Price: $32.90
Buy Now

  • Brews up to 14 ozs. into travel cup or coffee mug
  • Built-in stand for coffee mugs
  • Durable stainless steel construction

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Product description

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffeemaker - 49981

Product Description

The Scoop Single-Serve Coffeemaker goes where no coffeemaker has gone before, brewing hotter, faster and better-tasting coffee than most gourmet machines out there. And, its benefits don't stop there. The Scoop Coffeemaker utilizes the simplicity of ground coffee and brews a customizable cup quickly: an 8 oz. cup in less than 90 seconds or a 14 oz. travel mug in under two-and-a-half minutes.

Aside from its versatility in using inexpensive coffee grounds to brew a great-tasting cup, The Scoop Coffeemaker is designed for ultra-simple preparation in three straightforward steps: 1) Scoop 2) Place 3) Brew. It features a steel mesh scoop for filtering freshly ground coffee and comes with a built-in, adjustable stand that flips to accommodate a standard-size cup or a taller travel mug.

All in all, The Scoop Single-Serve Coffeemaker offers affordability and no fuss with lots of options. There's no need for extra equipment, high-tech buttons or extra equipment, either.

Product Uses & Unique Features

Allowing for Various Coffee Grind Types

The Scoop Coffeemaker doesn't need pre-packaged K-Cup packs or coffee pods, which can get expensive, and not to mention stale, over time. Instead, it comes with a mesh scoop filter that gives users the choice of any flavor (caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, etc), any brand (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc.) and any strength (Regular or Bold) pleasing to their taste.

Differing Boldness Levels

With The Scoop Coffeemaker, versatility is key. Whether you decide to go with a mainstream brand coffee or stronger premium-brand coffee, you need a machine that understands and quickly adapts. Use the REGULAR setting for a quick basic, automatic drip coffee, or get an upgrade and choose BOLD for more fine grinds, decaf or stronger flavors premium-brand coffee like Starbucks or Melitta. Just remember that the finer the grind, the longer it takes to brew. For bolder coffee, the water passes through at a slower rate, but allows more contact time and better flavor extraction for a better-tasting cup when done brewing.

Measuring Proportions Appropriately

Not sure how much coffee to add when brewing? No worries -- each scoop filter is labeled with two measuring lines for exact serving amounts. And more isn't necessarily better, in this case. Overfilling the scoop doesn't allow room for brewing and water can overflow and spill over, ultimately meaning weaker coffee.

Adjusting the Cup Size

Before brewing, adjust the L-shaped cup rest to make sure your cup is as close to the dispensing nozzle as possible. For travel mugs, fit the cup rest against the coffeemaker and place your mug on top of the drip tray.

Award-Winning Design

The Scoop Coffeemaker was awarded the "2012 Good Housekeeping Very Innovative Products (VIP) Award" by Good Housekeeping Research Institute. In addition, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) gave it high rankings for its ability to use coffee grinds, instead of packs or pods, and simultaneously give users the freedom to choose their own flavor, strength and cup size for their coffee.

Product Feature Benefits

  • Costs pennies per cup, compared to leading competitors' single-size packs
  • Proportions coffee exactly with single-serve scoop filter
  • Brews an 8 oz. cup of coffee in less than 90 seconds
  • Built-in adjustable stand holds standard-size cup and taller travel mugs
  • One steel mesh scoop filter included; no need for paper filters
  • Wide drip tray on base acts as a spill-resistant drain for excess coffee
  • Settings for REGULAR (automatic drip) and BOLD coffee
  • Durable, stainless steel features ensure coffeemaker's longevity
  • Automatically shuts off after brewing

Tips & Care

Run one or two cycles through the machine before first use. When one cycle is complete, the coffeemaker automatically shuts off. When grinding your own coffee beans, remember to purchase beans that were recently roasted (within a week is best), and grind them every time you brew a fresh cup. When brewing, keep ground coffee below the MAX fill line and do not use more than 14 ounces (410 ml) of water. To stop brewing mid-cycle, press either REGULAR or BOLD, and the unit will shut off. If there is no water in the water reservoir and a brew button is pushed, the unit will not brew.

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Coffee Customers Choose Taste Over Convenience

Among adults with a single cup maker, 70% say they have consciously chosen to use it instead of buying a drink at a coffee shop. In fact, single-cup brewing mainstay Keurig was named the Brand of the Year in the EquiTrend coffee maker category for the

When it comes to single-cup coffeemakers, it turns out that cheaper is better

So what accounts for the massive popularity of high-tech single-cup machines? “As with so many parts of people's lives, simplicity and speed are key,” Rubenstein says. “Single-cup brewers allow people to make coffee when, how and where they want it.”


The legislature is elected by the citizens of Bremen every four One ... coffee magnate Ludwig Roselius, who commissioned local artists to convert the narrow street (in medieval time, the street of the barrel makers ...

Make your own coffee or tea at home to save money (Video)

Use a good coffee maker. If you’re happy with your auto-drip ... Buy a tea-infuser ball from stores like Bed Bath and Beyond/Crate and Barrel for brewing single cups or look for paper filter bags, available at Adagio tea or Asian international ...

San Francisco: Specialty coffee stars Trish Rothgeb and Nicholas Cho set up shop

Highlight flavors So what makes a cup of specialty coffee different ... "so what we do is roast lighter to highlight the inherent natural flavors." One reason corporate coffee-makers tend toward darker roasts, Dolin said, is that they cover ...

NYDNEats What's a cup of coffee taste like from a $5,000 maker? We put single-cup coffee makers to the test:
coffeeoffice When it comes to single-cup coffeemakers, it turns out that cheaper is better - New York Daily News #coffee makers

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