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I bought and painted a wood paneled exterior front door a few years back, and every winter the wood shrank, revealing an unpainted border around the panels. I knew what was happening, and when the panels expanded in humid weather, the unpainted streaks disappeared. But this time there is so much shrinkage that I can see daylight around some of the panels.
The Better Basement Dehumidifier, E-Z Breathe

E-Z Breathe is the most efficient choice for a moisture-free happy and healthy home! The E-Z Breathe System is a maintenance free unit that helps protect you...

What's the best place to buy a basement dehumidifier?
Are the dehumidifiers at Home Depot or Lowe's better? Which one is less expensive? My basement is 37' X 25'. Which size should I buy? Would a unit with a greater pints-per-day rating be more efficient?
Joshua Densmore says:
Lowe's Frigidaire 25-Pint Dehumidifier Item #: 317030 | Model #: LAD254NTL Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (7 Reviews) Show Only: Dehumidifiers $154.00
Emily Emily says:
Has anyone used Allure Floating Resilient Plank Flooring in their basement?
I know this is just a shot in the dark..I really hope someone has tried this. I'm trying to redo the basement. Because there tends to be a lot of moisture down there (yes, I use a dehumidifier), Home Depot recommended this product for the floor....
rob s says:
Haven t got it installed any where but it sure looks like a good product because its an all PVC product and thus , not effected by water. My concern is if your moisture is naturally coming up from...


The Owner-Builder Book: Construction Bargain Strategies
The Owner-Builder Book: Construction Bargain Strategies
ISBN 1932272054,9781932272055
Little Giant VCMA-15UL 1/50 horsepower 115 volts VCMA Series Automatic Condensate Removal Pump by Little Giant I waited, and I waited but right after three weeks it was still operating 24/seven, while pulling ou... Tags: comfort aire dehumidifier, crawl space dehumidifier, danby dehumidifier reviews, dehumidifier ratings, dehumidifiers for basements home depot, dehumidifiers for ... Your email is never shared. Required fields are marked *
Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control, White

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control, White

by Frigidaire
List price: $289.99
Price: $214.58
Buy Now

  • Helps eliminate bacteria in the air that can make breathing difficult
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes ; UL Listed: Yes
  • Protects your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture

Customer reviews (see all 2,967 reviews)

Highly Recommended, April 27, 2015
This dehumidifier works great. Much quieter then the one I had to replace that quit working. Really easy to remove the full bucket and carry to the sink to dump. A full container isn't that heavy, about 13.5 lbs, to carry with the single handle...

Quiet, but Terrible Sensor positioning, July 26, 2015
Pros:- quiet operation. Only hear fan, compressor makes hardly any noise at all.- attractive designCons:- Terrible engineering. The humidity sensor must be placed in the reservoir, because as soon as the fan clicks...

Excellent dehumidifier! Can't go wrong with this one!, April 13, 2015
I needed another dehumidifier after our previous one was recalled for a fire hazard. After researching and reading the reviews, I went to order the Frigidaire, and a newer model was available as indicated by Amazon's website. So I ordered the newer...

Product description

The Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier protects your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture. It also helps eliminate bacteria in the air that can make breathing difficult. Frigidaire’s 70 pints-per-day dehumidifier is capable of continuous operation when the unit is located near a suitable drain. Ready-Select electronic controls include a digital humidity readout, 24-hour on/off timer and control lock. Effortless Humidity Control allows you to control the exact percentage of humidity in your room. The SpaceWise portable design includes a top handle, integrated side handles and caster wheels making it easy to move your unit from room to room.

hOme 50 Pint Dehumidifier - Energy Star Electric Dehumidifier Machine for Basement or Large Room with Hose Drain to Remove Mildew Mold or Odor - Safe Mid Size Portable Wheels - Auto Humidity Control

hOme 50 Pint Dehumidifier - Energy Star Electric Dehumidifier Machine for Basement or Large Room with Hose Drain to Remove Mildew Mold or Odor - Safe Mid Size Portable Wheels - Auto Humidity Control

by hOme
Price: $229.99
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  • DRAINING OPTIONS - Includes drain hole for continuous hose draining, and removable water tank that can be emptied manually when full
  • SMART FEATURES - Touch control panel with auto shut off, auto defrost, auto restart, turbo mode, 24 hour timer and humidity level setting controls
  • SAFE & PORTABLE - Measures 15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches, works for spaces up to 1000 square feet, and includes built-in handles and wheels for portable multi-room use

Customer reviews (see all 31 reviews)

Our musty basement smells fresh and feels good after just one day of use!!!, March 31, 2017
All we had to do to set this up was to pull it out of the box, take off some tape, install a little buckle in for the cord, plug it in & go!! There are wheels on the bottom so that you can easily move it to wherever you want it. The instructions on...

Exactly what I have been needing for my basement, April 8, 2017
I am very pleased with this dehumidifier. I live in the Midwest, and our basement stays pretty humid year round. I placed this dehumidifier downstairs and it runs beautifully, isn't too loud, and is very effective at removing the moisture from the...

FABULOUS machine! Does the job quickly, quietly, super effectively and looks subtle and classy while doing it!, April 9, 2017
Wow! This machine is absolutely AMAZING!!! We live in the rainy, damp Pacific Northwest. We have a large sheet metal shop that is insulated, but the moisture, especially in the winter, is super high. We store many of our belongings in this...

Product description

Breathe easy with the hOme 50 Pint Dehumidifier-with 6 settings, a 24-hour timer, custom humidity level setting controls and a user-friendly touchscreen, it's a smart choice that keeps basements and large rooms free of excess moisture, and proactively helps to protect homes from mildew, mold and unpleasant odors. Energy Star rated.

hOme 50 Pint Dehumidifier Specs & Key Details

  • Size: 15.4"x 11" x 24.3"
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Rated current: 4.7 Amps
  • Moisture removal: 50 pints per day
  • UL & Energy Star rated
  • INCLUDES washable filter, hose drain hole, built-in handles and wheels for portable use
  • BEST FOR indoor spaces up to 1000 square feet, with room temp between 41°F and 95°F
  • FEATURES touch control panel with auto shut off, auto defrost, auto restart, turbo mode for maximum moisture removal, filter cleaning alert, continuous dehumidifying operation, 24-hour timer, and custom humidity set controls (from 35% to 85% humidity level)
  • WATER REMOVAL: For manual removal, empty removable bucket when full; for continuous draining, attach dehumidifier to female-threaded end of water hose
  • IMPORTANT: After completing a moisture-removal cycle, dehumidifier will not start operation again until after 3-minute rest period. To prevent damage to dehumidifier, do not attempt to start during rest period. Operation will start again automatically after 3-minute rest period is complete.

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Hardware stores try to meet flood-related demands

"Customers were purchasing sump pumps, drain plugs, discharge hoses and dehumidifiers ... "I went to Home Depot, Menards, Sears, Farm and Fleet. They're all out. I had about six inches of water in my basement and I caught it at 3:30 (Thursday) morning.

Sump pumps in high demand - Quad-City Times

Jose Bucksbaum of Davenport loaded up his shopping cart at The Home Depot with items he needed to combat rising basement water in a farmhouse in New Liberty, Iowa, he is renovating. "I am afraid if I don't do something, it will liquidate the furnace

Handyman on call

I am 81 and my sister is 90, and we are tired of lugging away the water condensing from our basement dehumidifiers ... First, take the parts to Home Depot to see if you can find a match. Try Googling Hurd windows. Or call Hurd Windows and ...

Handyman on Call

But be careful with dehumidifiers. They may be doing a good job of drying out the air in the basement, but left on for long periods, they may also be overworking, pulling water vapor right up through the concrete basement slab. Try shutting off one

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