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What is the best Atmospheric Water Generator?
I wasn't aware until today that such a thing even existed. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on these machines, and what could give me the best bang for the buck. I'll mostly be using it as my drinking water source... considering the way...
Water Guru says:
Atmospheric Water Generator (Not Green at all) versus Atmospheric River diversion Generator (Totally Green) or Water Precipitation Generator (100% Earth’s energy. Totally Green) or Air wells (100%...
Munters Corporation is seeking an experienced HVAC Field Service ... non-integrated Munters dehumidifier systems in conjunction with factory ... Munters Dehumidifier, 3 Phase Power, Type: MD600, 920mm x 640mm x 1200mm(h) Conditions of Sale. This sale is pick up only from Sandringham, Victoria. Avfuktningsaggregat Munters MD600-380n50. Rop 22. Aktuellt bud. 2.300 kr. Mitt bud. Slutförd. Inropsavgift. 300 kr. Tid kvar-Lagerort. Viksjöfors ... Ideal-Air Dehumidifier 180 Pint; Quorum International 20543-914 Trimark 54-Inch Ceiling Fan, ... Munters; Napoleon; NewAir; Nidec; Nordic Pure; Panasonic; Panmart ...
Drycool HD Desiccant Dehumidifier

Drycool HD Desiccant Dehumidifier

by Munters
Price: $3,000.00
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  • 120 lbs per hour of moisture removal at 250 CFM
  • Small Size
  • Cool, Dry Air Supply

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Product description

The Munters DryCoolTMHD desiccant dehumidifier provides greater drying capability than other dehumidifiers with that are the same size. The unit utilizes a refrigerant circuit in conjunction with a heat reactivated desiccant wheel to provide increased drying capability. Due to the capabilities of the desiccant wheel, the unit can continue to provide substantial capacity and low supply dew point conditions through a broad range of applications such as: school classrooms, residential, light commercial and non-critical storage. The hybrid desiccant refrigeration cycle provides the most efficient small dehumidifier available. In addition, the supply air is discharged at approximately space neutral temperature so that it does not add additional cooling load to the space. The DryCoolTMHD operates cost-effectively because all of the energy required for the operation of the desiccant dehumidifier cycle is recycled from the cooling components. The system utilizes a de-humidistat to cycle the capacity "on" when the humidity in the space is higher than the set point. The de-humidistat cycles the capacity "off" when the space humidity is at the desired condition. How It Works: The DryCoolTM HD uses a refrigeration system similar to an air conditioner to remove heat and moisture from the incoming air. A dehumidification wheel downstream of the evaporator coil removes additional water from the air stream in the vapor state. The removal of moisture causes the air to warm due to the heat of vaporization of the water in the air. The DryCoolTM HD dehumidifier uses two air streams to accomplish this task of providing cool, dry air at high efficiencies. The supply air stream sends cool, dry air to the space while the reactivation air stream removes the water collected by the wheel and sends it to the outside.

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