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Part 1 Honeywell humidifier whole house installation

Some insight into what is needed to install a humidifier to your furnace.

Aaron S Aaron S says:
I'm replacing my Gas Furnace and Central Air Conditioner. Which brand?
I have a 1400 sq ft split entry house with a system that is roughly 35 years old. I recently had Sears come out and price a few systems out for me. They priced Carrier and Kenmore (made by Carrier). The cost of the systems ranged from...
elhigh says:
Most of my air conditioning equipment at my work is Rheem, at least the stuff on the ground is. Rheem has one major redeeming quality that sets it apart - it's designed to be worked on. Most...
vinny vinny says:
How can I get rid of static electricity?
Not just a little static electricity, but a whole bunch. Our front room is having a small crisis. For the past few months, we've been having issues with static electricity. Before, it wasn't so bad; you'd just get shocked a lot more often and get...
CoolCat says:
It all depends on the humidity level in the home. It's obvious that your one humidifier is not adding enough moisture to the whole house. If it was, you would have no static. You have 2 choices,...


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Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier

Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier

by Honeywell
Price: $159.00
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  • Drum humidifier with install kit
  • Installation kit included
  • Can be installed in a room without a drain

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Product description

Put an end to desert-like air in your home. The average humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25 percent. In wintertime, the average humidity inside some homes can be even lower, leading to dry skin, "carpet shock", cracking woodwork and more. Reliable Honeywell Whole-House Humidifiers work with your homes furnace to maintain a proper, comfortable humidity level throughout the home. Electrical Rating 24 Vac, 0.125A, Dimensions HxWxD (in.) 12.75 x 10.94 x 9.125, Plenum Duct Opening WxH (in.) 8.5 x 6.625, By-Pass Duct Opening (in.) 6, Replacement Pad: HC12A1015

Heating, Cooling & Air Humidifier Wick Filter for Emerson Essick Air HDC-12 - 4 Pack

Heating, Cooling & Air Humidifier Wick Filter for Emerson Essick Air HDC-12 - 4 Pack

by Home
Price: $24.17
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Product description

Item Specifications: High Quality Humidifier Wick Filter replace Emerson Essick Air HDC-12, HDC12 Fits Essick Air models HD230, HD1100, HD1102, HD1200, HD1202, HD1204, HD1212,HD1300, HD1303, HD1405, HD1406, HD12040, HD12041,HD13000, HD13002, HD13003, HD1300W, HD13030, HD1214 High Output Interwoven Filter Design Traps and Retains Mineral Deposits Metal Reinforcement Structure Adds stability to the new, softer and more absorbent paper filter Prevents 'slumping' or 'sagging' over time or when wet Natural and Clean Humidification - No White Dust. Approximate Measurements: 8 7/8" x 6 5/16" x 2 7/16"

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A 92 percent-plus efficiency furnace combined with blown-in/batt insulation ensures that heating and cooling bills will reflect a significant savings. Exhaust fan timers, upgraded filters and humidifiers not only contribute to the Energy-Star rating Announces New 3pm Cut-off for Same Day Shipping offers a wide variety of items which include: furnace filters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, refrigerator filters, air cleaners, and many others. Since the founding of the parent company, Housh Inc. in 2006, customer satisfaction

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