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Omega 4000 Stainless-Steel 1/3-HP Continuous Pulp-Ejection Juicer
Omega 4000 Stainless-Steel 1/3-HP Continuous Pulp-Ejection Juicer . Rating: 3. 8 of 5 stars. Product price: Check new Price in amazon. Product asin : B00009ENKU. Get now Omega 4000 Stainless-Steel 1/3-HP Continuous Pulp-Ejection Juicer with Secure Transaction Amazon now….
The Professional Steam Car Wash Equipment - Optima

Wash a car with only 1 gallon of water and produce zero waste-water. Commercial grade Steam Generator Optima Steamer The Steam Car Washer - Fuel type(Diesel)...

Jerry Jerry says:
What is the best washing machine for us?
We're a family of four (kids are 4 and 5) and our existing machine is barely hanging on. We're looking for a bare bones reliable (possibly commercial grade) top loading washing machine. No extra features... just old fashion simple washing machine...
Mere Exposure says:
I agree with your statement on fancy or hard to fix controls you have no need for, however, the water and electrical use of the top loading or cheaper washers alone will elevate the cost of such a...
Kate Kate says:
How do cloth diaper services wash their diapers?
I know the services use commercial grade machines, but how exactly do they launder? They use hot water, but what type of detergent? Do they use any bleach, baking soda, or vinegar?
luckyduck says:
The best way to find out would be to simply ask the company their procedure. That way you're not left guessing and worrying about it.


The Human-Powered Home
The Human-Powered Home
Published by New Society Publishers 2013
ISBN 0865716013,9780865716018
261 pages
What if I could harness this energy? An unusual question for anyone putting in a long stint on a treadmill perhaps, and yet human power is a very old, practical and empowering alternative to fossil fuels. Replacing motors with muscles can be considered a political act -- an act of self-sufficiency that gains you independence. The Human-Powered Home is a one-of-a-kind compendium of human-powered devices gathered from a unique collection of experts. Enthusiasts point to the advantages of human power: Portable and available on-demand Close connection to the process or product offers more control Improved health and fitness The satisfaction of being able to make do with what is available This book discusses the science and history of human power and examines the common elements of human-powered devices. It offers plans for making specific devices, grouped by area of use, and features dozens of individuals who share technical details and photos of their inventions. For those who want to apply their own ingenuity, or for those who have never heard of human-powered machines, this book is a fine reference. For those who are beginning to understand the importance of a life of reduced dependency on fossil fuels, this book could be a catalyst for change.
Commercial Grade Washing Machines, Call Wash Comm for an extremely competitive quote! Our range of Commercial Laundry Equipment suits every application... When looking to purchase pressure washers for cleaning commercial or industrial areas, do not choose machines built for residential purposes. Low-end ... When looking to purchase pressure washers for cleaning commercial or industrial areas, do not choose machines built for residential purposes. Low-end ... Commercial Use Washing Machines. ... The Speed Queen SWFT71 is an ideal commercial-grade washing machine for apartment complexes as it is a coin-operated machine.
[10 Pack]3 Compartment Meal Prep Food Storage Containers with Lids/BPA Free Bento Lunch Boxes/Divided Portion Control Container Plates-Microwave, Dishwasher Safe, Free Cutlery

[10 Pack]3 Compartment Meal Prep Food Storage Containers with Lids/BPA Free Bento Lunch Boxes/Divided Portion Control Container Plates-Microwave, Dishwasher Safe, Free Cutlery

by Green Bento
Price: $37.99
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  • STACKABLE, EASY TO CARRY OUTDOORS-10 pack of portable microwave restaurant food containers with 3 compartment; Stackable-easy storage in lunch bags. With the lunch plates, packing food is quick and easy.
  • MICROWAVE & DISHWASHER SAFE-The divided lunch container can withstand freezer, microwave & dishwasher. The divided plate sets are easy to use and clean, dishwasher safe. But it's suggested that a gentle wash would maximize the longevity of the bento lunch pack box.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY FOOD GRADE MATERIAL-This meal prep food containers includes 3 compartments and 1 secure lid. Made from plastic food grade pp material; The bpa free bento box is free of chemical and safe for your health. We know mistakes happen. Any issue about our microwave cover for food, contact us directly.

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Product description

The clear microwave cover for food display your delicious food inside of your portion plate set; All food trays with snap-lock lids help keeping food fresh. Good insulation properties heating food up or cool them down. The bento lunch boxes are reusable, stackable, microwave safe. The long term food storage containers are created to withstand the microwave and dish washing machine. The divided containers are not as strong as Tupperware or hard plastic. But the food containers are reusable, under a recommended gentle hand wash.
If you are dieting and want to control portion. Or you want to ensure a healthy eating habit of your kids while at school. The food storage containers with lids are ideal for daily meal prep. Each one can grab their bento lunch containers set and go. Convenient to carry snacks and leftovers such as Chinese, Indian, or Sushi. The 3 compartments food containers allow you to pack foods in healthy portion and cut down on lunch expenses.

-For Adults/Kids
Designed with eco-friendly, easy-open lids, NOT LEAK PROOF; the easy to carry bento containers allows you to bring food to work or school and eat healthy meals. Or carry to the outside, such as picnic or travel. Your bento lunch pack box is easy to load up on the veggies and keep the tasty indulgences to a proper amount. Dividing your lunch in 3 compartments helps you achieve your diet and weight management goals. The convenient food saver box can help you lead a healthy life by enjoying your DIY food.

-Suggestions & Package
Before microwaving, open a lid corner to allow steam to vent. The portion control food plate containers are wrapped in a paper sleeve detailing the multi virtues of these divided lunch food containers. The healthy bento boxes are: BPA free, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, Non-toxic.

Dishwasher Garbage Disposal Washing Machine Cleaner-Commercial Grade Cleaning Product

Dishwasher Garbage Disposal Washing Machine Cleaner-Commercial Grade Cleaning Product

by Magnetic Water Technology
Price: $6.89
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  • Use to clean washing machines to remove stains and odors
  • Use to clean dishwashers and remove odors and stains
  • Commercial grade appliance internal cleaner-one shot application-easy to use

Product description

A very powerful non-liquid powder product formulated by one of the world's leading water treatment engineering firms to effectively like no other clean household appliances from within specifically dishwashers, garbage disposals, and washing machines, all which use water and who job it is to clean dirty items. Very simple to use, highly concentrated. A 2 ounce bottle is all that is needed and should be used once every six months. One bottle per appliance, however the product will clean internally any of the three mentioned.

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Restaurant Inspections: 7-29

Inspector: Fries. McDonald’s, 2908 Navarre, Oregon, inspected June 26. Wipe cloths resting outside of sanitizer when not in use. Wipe cloths must be placed in sanitizer when not in use to prevent cross-contamination. Corrected. Ice scoop with ...

Fabulous 40rties Magazine August September 2013

Fabulous 40rties has arrived from the imagination of two women with no former experience of print or publishing, all the way to your hands! Fabulous 40rties is a women’s magazine designed for all of our readers whether they are single, married, divorced ...

Daimer Offers Pressure Washer For Construction Equipment Cleaning

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the world's leading supplier of ruggedly-designed pressure washer machines, professional auto detailing systems, and more, is shipping the Super Max™ 12500 PE, a propane-heated and propane-powered commercial pressure washer

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County

Whitfield County Environmental Health conducts inspections of restaurants. The inspectors may require a re-inspection. Restaurants are required by law to post their most recent inspection permit. The Daily Citizen lists areas where the establishments are ...

Restaurant Inspections: 7-29

Hand sinks must remain clear to ensure proper hand washing is being conducted. Inspector: Stacy Seger. Krieger's Pub, 2150 W. Laskey, inspected Use an approved chlorine sanitizer made for dish machines and dispense at 50 to 100 ppm. Glasses will be

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