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To Dye by Red Cabbage
So for years I have been collecting books and bits of information on natural dying techniques. There seems to be such a lot of bits of information or totally complicated recipes that I never quite got up the courage to try it. I don’t know why not but anyway… I found an article in an old quilting magazine that talked about using fresh.
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How to dye your own fabric using a washing machine

Learn how to dye your own fabric using a washing machine. Create your own beautiful handdyed fabric which you can then block print onto! Visit our website t...


Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing
Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing
Published by C&T Publishing Inc 2010
ISBN 1607053012,9781607053019
64 pages
"Dye fabric with only a minimal amount of time, effort, and supplies. Fast, uncomplicated dyeing methods without extensive recordkeeping and complicated dye mixing"--Provided by publisher.
Tulip One-Step 12 Color Tie-Dye Kit Super Big

Tulip One-Step 12 Color Tie-Dye Kit Super Big

by Tulip
List price: $29.99
Price: $28.56
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  • Use with 100% natural fiber fabrics like cotton, rayon and wool for best results
  • Features 12 easy-squeeze bottles of highly-concentrated nontoxic One-Step dyes in popular colors - just add water to activate
  • Find cool techniques and inspiration at

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Product description

The Tulip One-Step 12-Color Tie-Dye Kit includes all of the tie-dye supplies you need to make your tie-dye activities pop with over-the-top color and creativity! Stocked with 12 bottles of vibrant One-Step Dye, supplies and an inspiration guide, this kit gives you easy access to tons of tie-dye fun. Includes everything you need except the T-shirt!

Rit DyeMore Advanced Liquid Dye for Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Nylon and More

Rit DyeMore Advanced Liquid Dye for Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Nylon and More

by Nakoma Products
Price: $9.25
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  • Ignite Your Creative Spirit: Create something custom and unique with an ombre, dip-dyed or shibori pattern
  • Many Uses: For 100 years, customers have relied on Rit to rejuvenate old garments, change the color of their clothing and accessories, coordinate home decor, hide laundry accidents and more
  • Important: Due to the complexity of dyeing synthetic fabrics, you must use this dye in a stainless steel pot on your stove top to maintain a high water temperature throughout the duration of dyeing. Cannot be used in a washing machine

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Rit Dye More Advanced is specially formulated to dye polyester, cotton-poly blends, acrylic, acetate and nylon. A seven ounce bottle will dye up to ten shirts. Stove top dye method is preferable.

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Summer/Fall 2013: WSSM Womens Surf Style Magazine

Wrapping up 10 years in publication, this issue celebrates summer living with a Summer Bikini guide ... Surf travel stories from Canada, El Salvador and Taghazout! Pro-Files on Nikki Van Dijk, Tanika Hoffman, Valentina Vitale, and ROXY's Amy Murphree.

Is this the new master of menswear? Meet Alex Drexler, the son of J. Crew's CEO, who has launched his own line of wardrobe basics

The fashion industry plays home to many dynastic families—Missoni, Versace, and Fendi among them. And now, New York’s very own Drexler moniker is becoming a family affair with the launch of Alex Mill, the brainchild menswear label of Alex ...

Knitted Outerwear

The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), a private sector group, expects Taiwanese companies that attended a fashion trade exhibition in Las Vegas are to obtain about US$5 million worth of orders. The 16 textile exporters from Taiwan displayed readymade ...

My Karategi Stinks. And So Do My Football Gloves.

My boyfriend and I have gis for karate that are made of a thick black canvas fabric. What are my best methods for If you're concerned about a colored karategi fading, you can set the dye in by soaking the garment in 1-2 cups white vinegar to a

Living Resourcefully: Tips for the laundry room

It can be frustrating, though, to find that the clothes did not become clean, they dye bled, a residue remains, or a stain has appeared. It was very common to see students stuff the washing machine full of clothes to save a couple of quarters. I'm

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