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it's been a week.
Okay, so it has technically been over a week since we've been in Ohio, but here are all of the pictures that I promised you all. This post is a little picture heavy, so forgive me. or don't forgive me, if you don't like looking at pictures, then perhaps this will be boring to you. I have mixed feelings about being gone a week already. I wasn't planning.
Whirlpool Vantage $2,000 washing machine

Consumer Reports testers check out the high tech, $2000 Whirlpool Vantage to see what you get for that kind of money. Visit our website for free buying advi...

hnf116 hnf116 says:
How do I wash cloth diapers and what detergent to use in a High Efficiency washing machine?
I have a High efficiency washing machine and I am going to be using cloth diapers on my baby. The problem is that I need an unscented detergent that is made for High efficiency washing machines. Is there a store I can go to to find such a...
Lilli says:
The ones that are the detergents you typically think of are not going to be the most appropriate. You can try them, and they may work fine for you. But if you end up with stink issues in your...
Block Diagram (SBD) for a Washing Machine featuring IEC 60730 compliance, and provides energy efficient solution with high voltage isolation and power factor correction. Renesas offers the Microcontrollers meet a variety of requirements for washing machine control, including wide-range motor torque, rotation rate control, and load ... Washing Machine: High-End Washing Machine: High-End Solutions from Texas Instruments LG makes everything from phones and televisions to home appliances. It has established its product as being well-made and durable while backing it up with ...
[BEST QUALITY] 2 Pack urKitchen Descaling Solution - Coffee Machine Descaler For Keurig Cusinart Hamilton Beach Tassimo Breville Mr. Coffee & More - Also Great Descaler For Espresso Machine 100% SAFE

[BEST QUALITY] 2 Pack urKitchen Descaling Solution - Coffee Machine Descaler For Keurig Cusinart Hamilton Beach Tassimo Breville Mr. Coffee & More - Also Great Descaler For Espresso Machine 100% SAFE

by urKitchen
Price: $17.99
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  • ✔ ALL NATURAL 100% SAFE - We Use Safe Food Grade Solution Instead of Harsh and Dangerous Chemicals Used by Competing Products. Use In Combination With Our Descaling Tablets (DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE - SEE BELOW) To Extend The Life Of Your Coffee Brewer Without Sacrificing Taste
  • ✔ INCREASE COFFEE MACHINE PERFORMANCE - Unclogs Flow Opening & Extends The Life Of Your Brewer. This Allows Clean Richer Coffee Taste. Recommend To Use Every 60-90 Days - Proudly MADE IN THE USA
  • ✔ EASY TO USE & HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Tasteless & Odorless, Leaving No Foul Aftertaste and Odor of Vinegar Used By Other Brands To Remove Scale. Using urKitchen's Coffee Machine Cleaner Is As Easy As Brewing A Few Mugs Of Coffee

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Product description

urKitchen's Coffee Brewer Descaler for better tasting coffee

Hudson Durable Goods - Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron (Black), Adjustable up to XXL for Men & Women

Hudson Durable Goods - Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron (Black), Adjustable up to XXL for Men & Women

by Hudson Durable Goods
Price: $39.95
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  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT & STYLE: Prevent neck pain with cross-back straps. Professional flat-black styling for men and women.
  • MULTI POCKETS: Large, easy access tool pockets in front. Cell phone/pencil pocket on front chest. "Kangaroo" style hand pocket.
  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Durable & water resistant, 16 oz waxed canvas bib apron. Double stitched pockets. Reinforced with gun-metal rivets & grommets.

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Product description

Why buy a consumable product when you can invest in an enduring piece you are proud of?

Made with heavy-weight 16oz waxed canvas, this work apron is both water repellent and durable enough to stand up to tough tasks. Subtle details make this a stylish piece for both men and women: double reinforced stitching on all pockets and straps; rivet reinforcement on key pockets; metal grommets for custom fit; and gun-metal colored hardware on flat black canvas for a low-key, professional look. The cross-back (x-back) strap design allows for a custom fit and comfortable weight distribution. Long straps have been utilized to accommodate larger sizes. The ends of the straps have been sewn to prevent them from sliding out of the side grommets, offering ease when taking on and off.

This adjustable bib apron is 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall, making it perfect for men and women of most sizes, including "big and tall". Accommodates waist sizes up to 60 inches. 2 side-by-side tool pockets in the front measure approximately 8 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall each. Behind is a full "kangaroo" style pocket. A chest pocket (approx 4 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall) is designed to fit cell phones, pencils, and small tools.

Suggested Care: Gentle scrubbing with a damp rag is recommended for minor cleaning. Machine washing and detergent will deteriorate the wax quality and is strongly advised against. A mild castile soap and water mixture may be utilized to scrub and brush tougher spots. Rewax as necessary with a bar of fabric wax and thorough heating.

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Child's Death Spotlights Public Health Concern Over Detergent Pods

The seven-month-old-boy was supposedly eating his second pod when his mom came back from stepping away for only a moment. The tragedy's put a fresh spotlight on a public health risk doctors have been warning about. About two years ago ...

Jodi Arias' troubled relationship revealed in books

Time-stamped photos from Alexander's camera — which Arias had dumped in the washing machine at his Mesa home — showed her naked on his bed and then in the frame with his bloody corpse. Arias claimed intruders broke into the house and gave 

Hongxing has Surpassed the Existing Obstacle

From 2008 to 2009, Chinese market has surpassed the North American market and becomes the largest market in the world that sells the most mining machines and in 2010, the output of mining machinery in China may accounts for 50% of the total output in the ...

Charity stays at home

Those three names appear on the front of the original trust deed: Hancox, once chief executive and chairman of Brierley Investments and big investor in a range of Nelson businesses, including one-time owner of Fifeshire FM; Lawley, a sales representative ...

Child's Death Spotlights Public Health Concern Over Detergent Pods

As of the end of July 2013, over 5,000 calls to pod-related exposures have been made to poison centers across the U.S., according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Harrison County resident Marsha Viglianco said, "They're brightly

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