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Here’s a dirty little secret about the cleaning industry: Most of the products we use are only 10 percent cleaner and the rest is water. If that doesn’t make you think twice about buying cleaners, think of it this way: If a spray bottle of all-purpose costs $5 then you’re paying something like $4. 50 for water. Here are a few ways to save a few bucks on cleaners with things.
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Natural Household Tips: How to Remove Mildew Smell from

After leaving wet beach towels in the garage, they had a mildew smell after a few days. To remove the smell, I washed the towels with Seventh Generation laun...

atigirl atigirl says:
how to remove mildew smell in washing machine?
I left a load of laundry in my washing machine for a couple of days and now I can't get rid of the mildew smell in the washing machine. Any suggestion?
mom of 2 says:
Run it through a cycle empty with hot water and bleach, or you can also add some old towels which will help to wash out the machine. Then run it through empty again with warm water to make sure...
stephanie52477 stephanie52477 says:
How do you get the mold smell out of washing mashines and dryers?
I have a horrible mildew/mold smell in my dryer and washing machine. I sprayed it with fabreeze and ran it with bleech but does anyone else have other ideas. It grosses me out! Thanks
gar_fanatic says:
For your dryer, clean out all the airways going out of your dryer. Remove and clean the exhaust hose. Stick a vacuum into the exhaust port of the dryer and vacuum that out. Clean out the lint...


Spotless: Room-by-Room Solutions to Domestic Disasters
Spotless: Room-by-Room Solutions to Domestic Disasters
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SPOTLESS is the essential book for the kitchen bookshelf. Each chapter addresses the stains, cleaning and household problems that may come about in each room of the house: the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedroom, children's room - even outdoors on a deck or a patio. Filled with easy, do-it-yourself solutions, handy hints, examples and ABC Radio listeners' questions and comments, SPOTLESS will be referred to again and again and again. 'How do you get chewing gum off a leather jacket?' 'I put a hot pot on the kitchen bench and it's left a scorch mark, can I remove it?' 'My cat sprayed on the new curtains. The smell is awful and there's a slight stain. What can I do?' 'Someone in the pub spilt beer all over my expensive leather shoes. How do I clean them?' 'My 3-year-old got hold of a black permanent pen and wrote all over the cream furniture. It's a disaster!' 'We're repainting the bathroom walls. How can we stop the mould coming back?' 'We keep getting pesky moths in the pantry. Can we get rid of them?' 'I put my glassware in the dishwasher but it seems to be getting white marks on it. What do I do?'
The growth of mildew requires warmth, moisture and food. Washing machines meet all these requirements, making them perfect breeding grounds for this early-stage mold ... It is common for a mildew smell to come from a washer. Whether you have a front-loading or top-loading washer, the musty odor is often overbearing and can ruin entire ... The unpleasant mildew smell in washing machine is, unfortunately, the phenomena extended which to prevent easier, rather than from to get rid them. Vinegar is a great way to eliminate the mildew smell in a washing machine. Set the temperature setting to hot and let the machine fill with water. Then add vinegar
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How to clean you washer and dryer

Front loader gaskets: The rubber gasket around the door of a front load washing machine collects, dirt, lint,hair, mold and sludge each time you ... 2 cups of warm water with 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil in it. Apply with a cloth the same way.

Natural alternatives for cleaning supplies

Additionally, vinegar helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew and to some extent, bacteria (like E. coli and salmonella). Despite vinegar's initial pungent scent, the smell dissipates quickly—vinegar can actually be used to deodorize. If you plan on

How to avoid sour odors in your washer and dryer

Unpleasant odors in your washer and dryer ... clothes smell heavenly, but it starts to work against you over time. Softeners leave a residue behind that becomes a breeding ground for mildew. If you're not going to use your washing machine for a day or ...

Consumer alert: Washing machines linked to mold

To help prevent odors, mildew or mold, consumers should leave the door open for a few hours after use or if more convenient, when the washer is not in use. Additionally, consumers can refresh or clean the inside of the washer by running the Clean

Natural alternatives for cleaning supplies

Derived from plants, certain essential oils can kill bacteria and mold. Extremely potent, a few drops of oil can go a long way. Combine with white vinegar to clean combs and brushes, erase scuffs from floors, protect against soap scum and disinfect toilets.

VillageCleaners Have you ever left wet laundry in the washing machine for a day or two? To remove mildew smell, here is how:

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