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God's leaf blower
The storm came in with a bang. A huge boom of thunder, like a cannon discharging close by, announced the storm. About ten minutes later, it hit with extremely strong winds and lightning. Much of my house is always on solar electric powered. In the morning, the utility was still out, so I switched the remaining circuits over to the.
Off Grid Tumbling Composter or Washing Machine

Here is a simple project that can be used as a tumbling composter or adapted for use as an off-grid washing machine. Complete plans: http://www.simplesolarho...

BBbear22 BBbear22 says:
What materials do I need to build an earthship?
My class is doing a science project called off the grid and it is something where you have to have all your systems cuz' you aren't connected to the local ones. I would like to build an earth ship for my house and I don't know what materials to...
Flying Fid says:
The load bearing walls are made of car tyres rammed with earth and stacked up like bricks. The internal walls are made of cans with earth. The roof is of wood with a water storage tank and a rain...
Damjan Damjan says:
Odd electrical problem, fuse goes out after some time, then less (after I turn it on) and finally immediately?
I don't have GFCI in my home. I have a fuse (breaker) which goes out lets say first after 30 minutes or so after I turn it on, then less (10-15), then several minutes after which it turns off immediately after I turn it on. If you let it be in the...
callipygenous says:
1. The electrician you got is an idiot 2. You've got a non-NEC situation on that MCB MCBs blow due to a very specific time domain current. You are exceeding the thermal capacity of the MCB....


The Off-grid Energy Handbook
The Off-grid Energy Handbook
Published by New Holland Publishers 2013
ISBN 1847731589,9781847731586
191 pages
As consumers' awareness of their own carbon footprint continues to grow, more and more people seek out ways to ensure that they are as eco-friendly as possible. Firstly, off-grid energy itself is explained in detail, and then seven different chapters take on the various different options available (solar, wind, wood, bio, water, geothermal and gaseous). In each chapter, the basics are covered before exploring what each form of energy could be used to power, along with guidelines for adopting it in different homes with different scenarios. Furthermore, essential advice and information on the conservation and preservation of energy is also supplied - as well as information about supplying your energy back to the grid - making this a truly comprehensive guide to off-grid energy.
Off the Grid LAVADORA - WASHING MACHINE Based on an original design by LaMar. Here is a simple project that can be used as a tumbling composter or adapted for use as an off-grid washing machine. Complete plans: http://www ... What do you get when you combine a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet plunger? An off grid washing machine. Well, maybe not a machine in the traditional sense, unless you ... What do you get when you combine a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet plunger? An off grid washing machine. Well, maybe not a machine in the traditional sense, ...
The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

by The Laundry Alternative (Large appliances)
Price: $46.99
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  • Perfect for apartments, singles, boats, RV's and even small frequent loads like hand washables and diapers.
  • New patent-pending E-Z lid lever much easier to use than older lid screw design.
  • Uses far less water than even hand washing and no electricity. 3-year warranty. Handle insert won't fall out in 1-2 years like other models.

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Product description

This is a hand-cranked, non-electric mini washing machine that washes loads clean in only 1-2 minutes using 90% less water and detergent. No maintenance required. Measures 12" x 12" x 16" (L x W x H) and weighs under 6 lbs.

The Laundry POD, White

The Laundry POD, White

by StoreBound LLC
List price: $99.99
Price: $94.64
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  • Easy to use spinning, washing and draining system, clean clothes in less than 10 minutes
  • Washing Device
  • Measures 14.45 by 14.02 by 13.55

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Product description

Inventor's Note:

As a mother of two teenagers who are constantly on the move between basketball and football practice there are always uniforms that need last minute washing. It was a waste of water, electricity, and money to run a full size washer for small loads. With my experience in the laundry industry it was obvious there was a better way to wash those in-between loads. The Laundry POD, inspired by salads spinners, uses less than 3 gallons of water and zero electricity. The Laundry POD takes up very little space and is perfect for dorms. I was so pleased that I was able to bring my idea to fruition. Now I never waste any water on unnecessary loads of laundry. When my kids go to college at least I know they will have clean clothes. I hope that this invention makes a difference to people all over the world.

The Laundry POD

The Laundry POD is a portable washer designed for washing small loads of laundry using a minimal amount of water and ZERO electricity. Winner of the Best Greener Gadget award and Top Global Innovation GIA award! The Laundry POD features a manually operated spinning system for washing your garments and then extracting the water for the shortest drying time. It is more convenient than hand washing, and great for washing delicates. Compact enough to be portable, but serious enough to stand up to tough laundry challenges. The Laundry POD is perfect for dorms, apartments, camping or anyone looking to add a little green to their laundry routine. Save money, time and effort while helping the impact. It fits under your sink and into your life indoors and outdoors. The Laundry POD puts a whole new spin on clean.

Laundry POD X-ray View larger
An Engineered Product Easy to Use

Since the washboard very few advances have been in non-electronic washing. Now there is The Laundry POD, a non-electric portable washer. The Laundry POD replicates the regular washing cycle of a conventional washer, but gentler. The Laundry POD is designed specifically for small loads and delicates. The rotation of the internal basket helps to cause agitation with the clothes to get them clean. The Laundry POD uses centrifugal force to extract most of the water during the drying cycle. The Laundry POD is made just for you. Put a new spin on laundry with The Laundry POD.

Compact and Portable

The Laundry POD is a portable and simple way to do laundry on the go. The Laundry POD does not require electricity or any kind of motor. In addition The Laundry POD requires very little water. It is perfect for the world traveler or the constant camper.

Faster Than Hand Washing

Hand washing one item of clothing can be a lot of work. The Laundry POD is an easier way to get your clothes clean. The Laundry POD is better for delicates than hand washing. After completing the drying cycle your clothes don't need any wringing out because most of the water has been removed from the clothes. A few simple rotations of the handle and your clothes are clean. The Laundry POD uses a system making washing faster and more effective, yet gentle enough for delicates.

Save Time and Money

Conventional washers are not only a drain on your wallet, but also on your time. A conventional washer costs hundreds of dollars a year to run. Each load uses about 40 gallons of water. The cost to do laundry at a Laundromat can be even more expensive. Save money and time with The Laundry POD, the washer.

Washing System

Conventional washers use a lot of electricity and up to 40 gallons of water with each load. The Laundry POD uses less than 3 gallons of the water and zero electricity. Using less water and no electricity can help to minimize your lasting impact on the Earth. Not only good for your wallet, but good for the planet too.

Product Features

  • The Laundry POD is an washing system, using a fraction of the water consumed by a standard washing machine and zero electricity
  • It's compact and portable making it perfect for apartments, camping, college, boating, RVing, and anywhere space is tight
  • Gentle wash and extract cycles are ideal for "hand-washing" delicates
  • Easy to use spinning, washing and draining system can clean clothes in less than 10 minutes
  • With no electricity or quarters needed, The Laundry POD saves you money as well as time
How does it work?

The Laundry POD is a portable alternative to conventional washers. First you fill The POD with 4-6 liters of water and just a tablespoon of your favorite detergent. We suggest that an detergent. Next you place up to 10 garments in the basket. Now you let the garments soak for a couple of minutes. Once you've placed your clothes into The Laundry POD it's a simple process. Now that all the washing materials are in The POD you just make a few simple rotations of the handle. Just a minute is all it takes to get your clothes clean. The rotation causes agitation and enables the clothes to be scrubbed and cleaned. Drain the water by opening the valve and rotating the handle to extract the dirty water. It's time for the rinse cycle, just put some clean water in The POD and rotate the handle. Now the clothes are done being cleaned and are ready to be dried. All you have to do is open the valve on the bottom and place the draining tube into the sink. Now rotate the handle again and this will extract most of the water. The spinning will remove the water from the clothing using centrifugal force. The Laundry POD is equipped with easy spinning gears, so doing laundry is simple. The rest of the water will be removed when the clothes are hung up to dry completely.


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