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My washer is making a horrible sound when it is agitating. the dogs are worn down or broken. When it is agitating it makes a grinding type noise and stops a little and starts again almost like there is something blocking it. sometimes all of the water is not drained out and the clothes do not get spun out very well. Is this just because the dogs need to be.
Whirlpool & Kenmore Washer Repair - How to Repair a

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violet rose violet rose says:
What is causing this strange noise in my washing machine and does it mean that it is about to pack it in?
My washing machine started to make a constant high pitched rattling/ticking noise throughout the spin cycle and late in the drain cycle during washing a load of towels and now since. No, I didn't overload the towels! Has anyone else had this...
AJ says:
Make sure that your washer tub is centered. If you did a load of towels it could have been moved. Just grab the center agitator and move it back to the middle. It also might just be your belt is...
My washing machine will not spin out Clothers properly during spin cycle?
e agitator does move during the wash cycle. The water drains properly, and rinse waster is added. When it comes to the spin cycle. The water drains, and there is a noise like the machine is operating, however the drum does not spin. So, the...
vjjohn79 says:
Im not a technician but i have been selling these washers for 4 years, there are no belts or rubber things in these washers, they are direct drive, if it does not spin but still washes then it is...
Broken Whirlpool/Kenmore Washing Machine Agitator Fix ... 9:54 Frigidaire / Gibson / Kenmore Washing Machine Repair - Bearing Noise (grinding, ... Washing machine agitator repair kit with a medium length cam (there are other kits available for different models). This kit should be used when the top part of the ... Welcome to's on-line washing machine repair guide. ... I am thinking about buying a top load washing machine without the agitator, ... ... washing machine the agitator belt recently broke I did not bother fixing it because I am moving September 1 st. However I did price the repair from the ...
Whirlpool 285811 Agitator Repair Kit for Washer

Whirlpool 285811 Agitator Repair Kit for Washer

by Whirlpool
Price: $8.22
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  • The kit includes Medium cam agitator, retainer, 4 dogs and a black spacer bearing
  • Works with model: Whirlpool WTW5300SQ0
  • Works with the following model: Inglis ITW4300SQ

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Product description

Whirlpool Kenmore Agitator Cam Kit 285811 Replaces the following part numbers: 2744 285746 3351001 3363663 AP3138838 PS334650

Whirlpool 80040 Washer Agitator Dog (4 pack)

Whirlpool 80040 Washer Agitator Dog (4 pack)

by Whirlpool
List price: $1.00
Price: $0.99
Buy Now

  • Manufacturer model # 80040
  • Genuine Replacement Part
  • Whirlpool item

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Product description

This is a genuine replacement part. The model number and name for the following item is: Whirlpool 80040 Washer Agitator Dog.

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