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Samsung: Sorry about that sexist show - CNET
"And what do you do for a living. "Oh, I'm a promotional/entertainment lady. Please forgive me, that last piece of dialogue was my own internal musing of the post-event party conversation.
Huge Bear Surprises Samsung Crew on EcoBubble washing

Check out what happened to this Samsung crew on a photoshoot for the EcoBubble washing machine. They were near Manning Park, BC.

kaki m kaki m says:
What detergent should I get best out my Samsung washing machine?
Hi, I have brought a samsung washing machine and have been working out the best detergent for it. I live in Chennai and please help me choose between SA8 (Amway) and Excelmatic.
AJ Franklin says:
If it is an "HE" high efficiency machine you want a detergent that is made especially for that type of machine. I recommend Tide HE in any of about 6 flavors they have on the market. And always use...
bored2death81992 bored2death81992 says:
What happens to a washing machine set to spin only AND no spin?
I have a samsung washing machine, and it offers both a spin only setting and a no spin setting. I want to know what happens when you start the washing machine with both activated, but my mom won't let me try. Has anyone done this?
The wisest dude alive. says:
It will not spin.


Nanotechnology and the Environment
Nanotechnology and the Environment
Published by CRC Press 2008
ISBN 0203881079,9780203881071
296 pages
Nanomaterials' unique properties offer revolutionary means to optimize a variety of products, including electronics, textiles, paintings and coatings, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. However, these same properties mean that nanoscale materials can behave differently in the human body and the environment than conventional materials. Nanotechnology and the Environment provides the fundamental basis needed to assess and understand the life cycle of nanomaterials. It begins with a general explanation of nanomaterials, their properties, and their uses and describes the processes used to manufacture nanoscale materials. Subsequent chapters furnish information on the analysis of nanomaterials in the environment and their fate and transport, including the effects of wastewater treatment on nanomaterials. The book discusses possible risks to human health and the environment and the environment, and describes developing regulations to manage those risks. Given the potential risks, the book explores the apparent paradox of using nanomaterials in environmental remediation. The final chapter discusses frameworks for evaluating the balance between risk and reward as nanomaterials are manufactured, used and released to the environment.
Washing Machines - Buy world class Washing machine for your home – Front loading, Top loading and Semi Automatic Machines by Samsung India. Elegant Design ... Tangle free, struggle free. Free yourself from the constant struggle of tangled clothes with the Wobble Technology of the WA13WP Fully Automatic Washing Machine Samsung Washing Machines. parts - manuals - information Samsung Washing Machine front loader - top loading - twin tub Samsung Washing Machine reviews from the consumers, find out what Korea's starlet has to offer.
Samsung Innovative "ADD-A-WASH" Laundry System Feauturing 27 Inch 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with Super Speed and Matching ELECTRIC Dryer in Luxurious Black Stainless Steel

Samsung Innovative "ADD-A-WASH" Laundry System Feauturing 27 Inch 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with Super Speed and Matching ELECTRIC Dryer in Luxurious Black Stainless Steel

Price: $645.50
Buy Now

  • Super Speed-•Breakthrough technology provides a 40% faster and more thorough wash cycle.
  • 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity-•Large capacity 27" washer lets you wash up to 3 laundry baskets in a single load.
  • This Complete Laundry System Includes the Innovative ADD-A-WASH HE Front Loading Washer and Matching ELECTRIC Dryer with Steam

Customer reviews (see all 2 reviews)

Do not buy this model of washer, March 22, 2017
On December 5, 2016, I purchased a Samsung Washer, Model WF45K6200AW. It was delivered the next day. I was pleased with the washer, and it worked beautifully, until March 17, 2017. When my son pushed the power button, it would not power on. I...

IF YOU NEED TO STACK ANY OF THESE SAMSUNG WASHER AND DRYERS THESE ARE HORRIBLY DESIGNED INSTRUMENT PANELS! Seems most of samsung models have the tilted panels that you CANNOT see when they are stacked unless you are 7 feet tall (no exaggeration my...

Product description

The WF45K6500A washer from Samsung presents to you 14 powerful wash cycles as well as steam options to tackle large loads of even heavily soiled laundry. Plus, with Samsung's SuperSpeed cycle, this washer can finish a full load of laundry up to 40% faster than inferior models. With a generous 4.5 cu. ft. of capacity, you can wash up to three laundry baskets in a single load. The DV45K6500 electric dryer from Samsung features 14 unique dry cycles, so that no matter what you're drying, there's a perfect cycle to accommodate it. This ENERGY STAR rated dryer meets stringent standards for energy efficiency. With the Eco Cycle, you can get superior drying performance while using less energy, to save you thousands over the lifespan of the dryer

Samsung Appliance White Front Load Laundry Pair with WF42H5200AW 27" Washer and DV42H5200EW 27" Electric Dryer

Samsung Appliance White Front Load Laundry Pair with WF42H5200AW 27" Washer and DV42H5200EW 27" Electric Dryer

by Samsung
Price: $1,399.99
Buy Now

  • 4.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity-With a washer capacity of 4.2 cu. ft., or 2.8 laundry baskets, you'll save up to 3 hours on laundry every week
  • 27" 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with 11 Dry Cycles, 4 Temperature Settings, Steam, Wrinkle Prevent, Smart Care, Lint Filter Indicator, Reversible Door and Sensor Dry Moisture Sensor
  • NSF Certified Sanitize and Allergen-Sanitize and allergen cycles eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and kill up to 95% of allergens in each laundry load. Eliminate pet dander and dust mites from your clothes with the sanitize/allergen feature

Customer reviews (see all 0 reviews)

Product description

Samsung Appliance White Front Load Laundry Pair with WF42H5200AW 27" Washer and DV42H5200EW 27" Electric Dryer

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Eco bubble washing machines backed by post-sales service

United Matbouli Group (UMG), the exclusive distributor of all Samsung products across Saudi Arabia, has announced its post-sale services for the eco bubble washing machine. This “first-of-its-kind service across the Kingdom” was launched in March and

Samsung: Sorry about that sexist show

Well, just before that slightly difficult exercise, Samsung was launching a washing machine in South Africa. There are many ways to do this. Perhaps Samsung went for the most tried, tested and positively alluring. Yes, it brought to the stage some

Earnings frenzy: Will Apple get crushed?

Earnings per share are expected to fall 18% as Samsung Electronics and other hard-charging rivals ... Durable goods are manufactured goods, such as washing machines and refrigerators, meant to last three years or more. Thursday's data on weekly US initial ...

The domestic appliance of science

Washing machines These more energy and water-efficient clothes cleaners ... an internal-sensor that automatically adjusts power and calculates cooking time. Samsung, meanwhile, has a similar technology in an oven that also includes pre-programmed recipes.

IckiePooh Now Magazine | Win A Samsung Washing Machine |
BenjaminBurton_ I'd give that girl on the Samsung washing machine advert a good roast dinner, and her mum #meatntwoveg

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