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Homemade Laundry Soap, Knit-Sewing 1,Other Stitchery
I pour the mixture, one jug at a time, into my container that doesn't really look like the one above anymore [I Googled that one. ] I use the clear "cup" thing to 'measure' and put the soap into the machine. For a SUPER load on my home machine. [picture a garbage can full of water]. I generally do 5 loads a week.
How to fit a water shock / water hammer arrester device

Buy from How to stop banging and clanging water pipes by fitting a water shock arrester!

xanthed xanthed says:
Is water hammer caused by my washing machine or my pipes?
My washing machine makes a loud bang 3 or 4 times through the wash cycle. I've done some googling and found that it is caused by water hammer. My washing machine is still under guarantee, but I can't find any info on the web as to whether the...
overclockedpc says:
I can't believe I'm doing this don't need to call a plumber. All you need to do is go to this website -
Chad S Chad S says:
When I turn on the water in my house the pipes shake. How do I fix it?
-The pipes vibrate while the water is running. -Pipes don’t shake at low flow. -Some examples when pipe vibrate: vibrate when sprinkler system turns on or two toilets run at same time or washing machine is running. I'm pretty sure it's NOT water...
captain spaulding says:
seeing as it does it while the sprinklers are on also ,and the sprinkler system has its own back-flow prevention and shut off ,that tells me that when you hear this sound you should walk out to...


Do It Right The First Time
Do It Right The First Time
Published by Innova Pub Llc 2005
ISBN 0974937355,9780974937359
209 pages
Whether you're building or buying your first home, embarking on a remodeling project, or just trying to figure out how to fix or repair an item in your home, this valuable book is the perfect place to turn for help. From buying painting equipment to installing window and decks, you'll find the inside information you need to make your home improvement project go faster and easier.
If you hear a banging sound coming from behind your washing machine, you may be experiencing water hammer. This is not an unusual occurrence with appliances that ... Water hammer is a sudden increase or decrease in water pressure that can cause a range of problems in the home. The problem typically presents itself when valves or ... I recently installed a new front loading LG washing machine, and one of the "features" is to adjust the water level to the amount of clothes. It does this by adding ... Washing Machine Water Hammer Arrester Suppliers ☆ Washing Machine Water Hammer Arrester Manufacturers Directory ☆ Best Cost Performance Washing Machine Water ...
Sioux Chief Mfg 660-H 3/4-Inch Female Swivel Hose Thread by 3/4-Inch Male Hose Thread Mini Rester

Sioux Chief Mfg 660-H 3/4-Inch Female Swivel Hose Thread by 3/4-Inch Male Hose Thread Mini Rester

by Sioux Chief Mfg
List price: $18.49
Price: $9.99
Buy Now

  • Systems which exceed 60 PSI (414kPa) static pressure shall be installed with a pressure reducing valve upstream of the arrester.
  • Install on washing machine supply valves or directly to washing machine tub or shower tee
  • 3/4-Inch male hose thread connection

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Product description

Tee – hose tee arresters install on washing machine supply valves or directly to washing machine.

SharkBite 25031 Washing Machine Outlet Box with Water Hammer Arrestors

SharkBite 25031 Washing Machine Outlet Box with Water Hammer Arrestors

by SharkBite
List price: $64.99
Price: $60.12
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  • Quarter-inch turn valves provide easy "on-off" water supply adjustment
  • Provides quick, safe water supply and shutoff for washing machines
  • Recessed installation eliminates exposed piping

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Product description

The SharkBite Washing Machine Outlet Box with integrated Water Hammer Arrestors features an instant Push-to-Connect connection and can be used with copper, CPVC or PEX lines. SharkBite Push-to-Connect connections decrease the time and effort needed to connect water distribution pipe. There is no glue, soldering or crimping needed. Simply cut your pipe, deburr, mark the pipe approximately 1 in. (for proper insertion depth), install pipe to proper depth and you're done. Water Hammer Arrestors integrated into valve to protect your homes plumbing system from Water Hammer. The Kit includes the Washing Machine Outlet Box, Hot and Cold 1/2 in. SharkBite Push-to-Connect x 3/4 in. MHT Valves (with Water Hammer Arrestors), Faceplate Cover, 2 Support Brackets. Perfect for use in your Laundry room to provide a clean installation and allow for easy shut-off to protect your home when away and washing machine is not in use to guard against accidental leaks.

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