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Celebrate 4th by buying local - My Eastern Shore
ANNAPOLIS — With Fourth of July picnics and cookouts approaching, the Maryland Department of Agriculture suggests citizens celebrate America’s independence by indulging in locally grown food — from locally produced meat, locally grown produce,... “Buying locally grown products this Fourth of July.
How to clean and sanitize a water cooler

Short video on how to clean and sanitize a water cooler.

Primo water cooler is the machine used to make water cold. To clean a water cooler, ... How to Repair My Bottled Water Cooler? ... How Do You Get Rid of Deodorant ... I need to clean my water cooler, i do not want to use bleach so vinegar is the option, but how much ... It is a good idea to clean and disinfect your water cooler thoroughly every time you change the water bottle. Always unplug the water cooler before you clean it. Askville Question: how do you clean a water cooler? : Home Improvement. Categories ... (National Cooler Cleaning Service) cleans my cooler every quarter.
Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack. Fits Brita, Pur and Universal Pitchers. 4 Stage Cartridge Filtration System. NSF Certified. Improves Tap water drink Taste. Eliminate faucet Chlorine and Metals.

Water Filter Replacement 3 Pack. Fits Brita, Pur and Universal Pitchers. 4 Stage Cartridge Filtration System. NSF Certified. Improves Tap water drink Taste. Eliminate faucet Chlorine and Metals.

by Wamery
Price: $19.97
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  • HEALTHY: This filter makes water clearer, healthier and tastier. It is the most NSF certified product on the market: NSF 53 for Healthy effects by the reducing Cadmium, Copper & Mercury. NSF 42 for positive Aesthetic effects for the reduction of Chlorine (taste & odor) and Zinc. NSF 372 for a lead free compliance.
  • A PROBLEM SOLVED: Water is the most important element in our bodies and tap water is getting more polluted. Many people are aware of this issue and they are turning to efficient water filter system. It tastes better but most important it works against chemicals and harmful synthetics.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: we donate a percentage of your purchase to NGO's around the world to preserve fresh water for our children. You will be providing clean fresh water to your family now and for the future to come. The decision is on you. Try us, we are 100% money back guarantee.

Customer reviews (see all 124 reviews)

So far so good. The water does take a while to filter ..., March 29, 2017
Turned my 6.5ish PH tap water (connecticut) to 9.0 and higher! Game changer filter..using it on my brita I don't need to buy at trader joes. Not sure how it'll last since I just tried it and tested it. So far so good. The water does take a...

This are tge best filters!!!, April 8, 2017
Excellent water filters. I had been using the brita for my brita pitcher. I ordered these after reading the info on them and reading the reviews. I definitely noticed a huge difference in the quality of my water. Id highly recommend this to...

Great price and can't tell any difference in the quality ..., December 29, 2016

Product description

Why do I need a water filter?

"E.P.A. Reports show that U.S. Water supplies contain over 2,300 cancer causing chemical" - ralph Nader research group.

Cancer is not natural, it's a man-made disease, and for the most part preventable starting by the water we drink.

Product description:
The water filter is specifically designed to reduce the particles that came out of the pipes and the synthetic chemicals used by water treatment facilities to disinfect and kill bacteria but it is not being fully removed. Do not use this product on contaminated or salt water.

- Healthy: The filter makes the water clearer, healthier and testier and most importantly it is certified by the independent laboratory wqa for nsf/ansi standard 42, 53 and 372 against cadmium, copper, mercury, chlorine, zinc and lead free compliance.

- Sustainability: This system is certified. It is much healthier than many bottled waters on the market. Also, it is more convenient representing 1/20th of the cost of bottled water, and most important: One filter avoids 310 plastic bottles go to our fields.

Tumbler DiankeMall Rambler | 30 Oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug | Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup With Bonus Sliding Splash Proof Lid - Blue

Tumbler DiankeMall Rambler | 30 Oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug | Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cup With Bonus Sliding Splash Proof Lid - Blue

by diankemall
Price: $13.95
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  • ➢ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FROM DIANKEMALL | We're So Confident You'll The Diankemall Tumbler In The Workplace, Car, Or AnyWhere. But If You're Not Happy, Let Us Know And We'll Promptly Make It Right.
  • ➢ SUPERIOR VALUE | Extreme Temperature Retention, Tumblers Keep Your Drinks Hot Or Cold For An Insane Amount Of Time - Thermal Cup For Coffee And Tea, Iced Or Hot - One Of The Experiments We Did Kept Ice And Water In The Diankemall Tumbler For Over 24 Hours | The Opposite Experiment We Did Kept Hot Coffee In The Diankemall Tumbler And The Coffee Stayed Warm For More Than 6 Hours
  • ➢ MAXIMUM BENEFITS | Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Drink Cup Keeps Your Beverage Cold Or Hot For Hours - Diankemall Tumbler can be the perfect workplace complement: With Its Sliding No Spill Lid, This Simple Container Will Keep Its Content Both Warm and Away From Clothes And Keyboards. Or Driving Down The Road, Place The Tumbler Into Your Car Cup Holder And Not Even Worry About The Content Spilling All Over.

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Great inexpensive cup, December 6, 2016
I finally got my new Diankemall 30 Oz tumbler out of the box, today. It looks great, shiny and well made. Before you throw away the box, make sure you check inside there is another spill proof lid. I start using it right away and the result was...

This 30 oz tumbler is amazing!, December 6, 2016
My 30 Oz Tumbler Has finally arrived. The first thing I did was put it to test. Fill it with ice tea; the result was amazing, kept my drink cold for the longest time, and most of all It didn’t even leak with the spill proof lid on it. This mug was...

It Looks Amazing. It Is The Most Awesome Mug I Ever ..., December 1, 2016
When I Received This Cup, After I Got It Out Of The Box, It Looks Amazing. It Is The Most Awesome Mug I Ever Own And I Can’t Stop Staring At It. I Can’t Believe The Price Is So Affordable. This Is The Ultimate Gift For Friends And Family. It Came...

Product description


  • Keeps Drinks Cold Or Hot For A Insane Amount Of Time;
  • Sweat-Free Exterior, Zero Condensation, And Insulates Hands From The Cold And Heat Of Drink;
  • Hods Ice For Up To 24 Hours And Keeps Drinks Hot For Up To 6 Hours;
  • Fits Most Car Cup Holders And Handles;
  • Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Easy To Clean, BPA-Free;
  1. Dimension: 8.2 X 4.5 X 4.2 inches ;
  2. 30 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel;
  3. Vacuum Insulated;
  4. Acrylic Push In Top ;
  5. Extra Sliding No Splash Lid;
  6. Large Capacity ;

Package Includes: 1 Extra Sliding No Spill Lid .On Sale, Buy It Now While There Are Still Quantities Left | Satisfaction Guaranteed. If You Are Not 100% Happy, Your Money Back

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Celebrate 4th by buying local

Use separate clean utensils, cutting boards and serving dishes for raw and cooked foods, and wash them thoroughly with warm, soapy water before re-using. Never serve grilled Carry food in a cooler with a cold pack and keep it in the shade with the

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